Black Poetry : she was a PUERTO RICAN CHICK. know SPANISH and she's slick. some boys want cake and a kiss. and willing to take risks. it's love words that create thi


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May 11, 2006
know SPANISH and she's slick.
some boys want cake and a kiss.
and willing to take risks.
it's love words that create this.
sweaty love affair
she wants a TEDDY BEAR
to hug on a date
then over complicate goals and strategies
dominate voting polls in academies.
the best details
explain the breasts of females.
knowledge in the industry
is like college chemistry.
it's a formula for success.
but love is a new ballgame.
belong on a true wall of fame.
so, boo let him call your name.
speak EBONICS on a hot trail.
sort alike an atomic cocktail
so ironic not to fail.
a disease in progress
he wanna squeeze her breasts.
this stuff purity in stamina
and like a security camera
it captures stuff in the middle of the night.
and boys want a little bit, right?
let her explain.
when she has a migraine
she experience a blind spot.
but she's still fine and hot.
he has words to hear.
these are verbs in her ear.
he put his hand under her dress.
he wanted to carry her off.
aw girl you very soft.
remind him of terry cloth.
through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
as he tries to reach
for love and teach
her affection
but he must use protection.
oh, she just started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, a boy strives for promotion.
and survive with a potion.
of love on his shoulder
oh, a girl should hide today.
in a specified way
a boy may want some.
oh, a boy rejected and brave.
still expected to behave.
oh, show good manners.
while in hood bandanas
oh, a girl with breasts best.
to duck and not test her luck
a girl on her P'S and Q's
just to be with these dudes
oh, survive is cool.
have to drive to school.
miss the bus.
and a kiss is a must.
from a girl in class
oh, petroleum derived from a coal tar.
he's here to survive at a bold bar.
sick of trees
with slick wet leaves
that she has blessed pie
but hesitant to testify.
but a girl's kiss urged him on
and now on the verge of a strong
relationship wanna take her home.
then path complete.
like athletes
on a final stretch
on vinyl try sketch
a photo, paused to rest.
because of her breasts
flaws best describe this.
HE SAID: so, boo you have butter candies.
so, what color panties
are you wearing?
in the car start sharing
oh, her thing creams a lot.
and like a screen shot
it's a photo.
gone loco.
wanna take her home oh no
and bang some bed springs.
got a host of local encyclopedia.
and now post on social media
platform and bring a phat storm.
so, his bling and stats swarm
like bees over honey boo
need help with stuff.
he slept rough.
after he met a chick
she became wet quick.
went on a date.
and that bent his fate.
then bought her a plate.
at the GOLDEN CORRAL rice
and stuff along with some rolls
took her home and the dumb unrolls.
HE SAID: boo let's get in bed.
oh, he bet her lips are red.
heard a boss tune.
from across the room
a girl tossed perfume.
on a pair of panties
she wanted a great date.
that don't involve cake.
that job up for debate.
oh, he put his hand under her skirt.
and that caused a thunder alert.
she couldn't go anywhere.
far as sex plenty there
she just started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, a girl goes through a lot.
and her panties blue and hot
a boy's kiss can be true or not.
oh, a girl in a night gown.
and a boy come right from town.
kiss her lips and wanna lay down.
oh, a boy wants cake renown.
so, he waits around.
she must duck.
or get her cake ate up.



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