Black Poetry : she was a PHILIPINE CHICKwith gameboys wanna know her nameher motto is to hit the lottoshe strut butt and be hot doeher lyrical is poundingthe ph

felt like her breasts were toast.
this just a high school love dose.
she takes complex looks.
at textbooks
that's vex and she shook.
teacher writes on chalk board.
and ask a question "may I)
she said she answered it fly.
she flirts and fine.
boys come with more hurt lines.
of insurance, oh he just kissed her lips.
of insurance, oh he just kissed her lips.
she almost starts to moan and groan.
she best departs for home.
if they were alone
he'll wanna bone
he's squashing queens.
panties, girls use washing machines.
to clean them so silk is supreme.
aw girl you can't survive alone.
let him drive you home.
SHE SAID: this is school ground.
and we can't fool around.
and we can't fool around.
a hike is a long walk.
and this is strong talk.
he wanna smash her pink cookies.
boys here think like rookies.
flow great and locate means to find.
with boys she keeps a true mind
she got fine cake.
but ducks a blind date.
that's out her comfort zone.
so, she just stays home.
a kiss better suits her lips.
a kiss better suits her lips.
plus, she's clever with cute hips.
he just stuck his hand under her dress.
to feel the phat lips on her thing
and possibly suck her breast wearing bling
oh, she starts to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, a girl booty round shaking.
and this could be groundbreaking.
leads to renown love making.
oh, a girl's er fume is sweet vapor.
she grabs a few sheets of paper.
to write a love letter


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