Black Poetry : She was a PHILIPINE CHICK Boys just dream to lick. Her cake body. And take her to a party. Hug and kiss and say Lotty dotty Chase all stats With a bas


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May 11, 2006
Boys just dream to lick.
Her cake body.
And take her to a party.
Hug and kiss and say Lotty dotty
Chase all stats
With a baseball bat
Then hammer nails.
As the glamor prevails
He’s seeing gravy.
But being lazy
Had a chance an opportunity.
For romance in a community
A winner with knowledge
Now wanna enter college.
Wanna amuse her pies.
But abuse his eyes.
Reading in bad light
Proceeding mad tonight
Look boo instead of debating.
Let go to bed start dating.
NAW PLAYER: she not hating.
No limit in here
And like an academic year
It starts when school open.
And he’s cool hoping.
for a girl in SEPTEMBER
She slept but remember.
Her homework
And roam alert
In the bedroom
Her lips red kaboom
A boy may come over.
He’s preaching wisdom.
Using a teaching system
So, folks grab textbooks.
And have a complex look.
At them pages
End up above the rim on stages.
Could lead to tone on a microphone.
By the way ET call home
She may be all alone
She’s a creator of soup.
And like a theater group
Boys wanna do a dry run.
Get pie and have fun.
But this is not opening night.
Even though her panties smoking right.
Aw girl you have the right stuff.
Tonight, wanna huff and puff
Type words but is that enough.
Like a spotlight
This is hot and bright.
And girls say it’s topflight.
So, he’s that hot shot.
In a drop top a lot
Sleazy satisfaction with him
he took her to a cheesy action film.
Twisting minds
Like fishing line
Caught some trout.
And thought about
Sex takes a girl out.
Arrive at the scene.
And like describe a dream
There are live queens.
Up in here he wants some.
“So, you see boo.
You should be in a see through.
Gown and walk around unbutton.
He kisses your lips all of a sudden
Yall just fall on the bed.
While your lips all red
And stuff with some wet tongue
That’s a threat for anyone.
He just rhymes a lot.
Then climb on top.
And stick it in there.
Juice just splash and crash
The dash things happen fast.
Oh, she screams and cream.
Tell him to take it out please.
He no doubt he just squeezed.
her waist and was going crazy.
Really throwing gravy
Oh, she just started to moan and groan.

Oh, panties and miniskirts.
Boys want candies plenty alert.
Gave a boy some tongue.
At a party now he’s hung
On BACARDI and sprung
Oh, wine and dine.
And think about EINSTEIN.
Which lead to atomics in EBONICS?
And that’s ironic.
Oh, lipstick on a boy’s collar.
See a set of hips quick to holler.
A boy had condoms she ducks those.


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