Black Poetry : she was a KOREAN CHICK shocking she tore a hole in her stocking she has a desire for success but this require breasts a mini skirt and panties and she

movie featuring the Vincent price.
THRILLER videos need some scared advice.
a hedge enhances the curb appeal.
along with romance and words that's real.
can get cake with lack.
and like make up
it enhances the beauty.
and romance is his duty.
he has a great smart plan.
and like the state-of art in a sedan
this different with superior fact
worn by half the men
boy want pie gone crazy
lullaby is a song for a baby
HOCKEY is a game
but rocky fame
follows, no limit here and the acedemic year remember begins in september
his pride talks as it sidewalks abut on the street but could end up on a stone wall
before he gets home yall prevail new in ministry and retail shoe indudstry is abuzz with talk
of a big boom ahead a girl wears perfume and her lips red so wisdom is reaching through a system of teaching he drink from a fountain as a rhymer and like a mountain climber stood on the edge a cliff to give pledge to some swift air, he saw a girl kiss felt her hair, but it threw him.
into an abyss of despair


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