Black Poetry : she was a KOREAN CHICK fleeing with chopsticks boys try hop quick between her thighs and get some cream so she's aware they just dream somehow she car

her dress real wrinkled.
he wanna suck her breasts and sprinkle.
sugar on her body hey it's sweet enough.
want her under the sheets to huff and puff.
SHE SAID: we can go to BK and have it our way.
and here we rule.
and beware in school.
girl your coochee soft and bazaar
but it's off radar.
so, it's lost in the bar.
he's a prolific music maker.
sniff it use it on paper.
sniff it use it on paper.
have plan and pride.
and like a landslide
this stuff cover roads
and discover a load of trees.
with these so freeze his branches
is on ranches, she writes in sprees.
her breasts drift in silk
so, he sniffed her milk.
oh, this girl home and mad.
because a date gone bad
he gave her a kiss whew, is it ever strong.
he gave her a kiss whew, is it ever strong.
from now on she'll never be alone
bought a leather case for cell phone.
HE SAID: aw girl give me some please.
oh, he just got her tongue inside his ride.
not parked in the driveway
but how will she start to survive today?
SHE SAID: oh, her breast almost sucked.
oh, her dress is up.
like airplanes on crack
boys' things are just wet jets.
all of them wanna a red CORVETTE
all of them wanna a red CORVETTE
oh, he just put his hand under her dress.
she was so surprised and unless
she ducks stuff could happen.
after some good rapping
HE SAID: aw girl you got some sweaty thighs.
and he's ready for pies.
he couldn't believe his eyes.
she was moving her thing like that.
it's simply nice.
like kimchi and rice
he said he didn't wanna cum


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