Black Poetry : She was a FILIPINO CHICK and fine She really slick with a mind Boys try trick her sometime Oh her breasts are nice And for the rest of his life He wan

A shine in his rhymes
Folks strive to achieve
With quotes he’s alive to squeeze
Her waist and take her to his place
And sit on the loveseat
Listening to a club beat
Lips red cake today
This boy wanna make headway.
So, he behaved in a way specified.
Or try be brave and wreck his pride.
He sees she is attractive.
So, he wanna be active.
So he wanna be active
Love is a drug that acts
In the body to a party after cognac
A sex flirt with endurance
Can exert influence.
On a boy’s mind quick
Make him fall for a blind trick.
He’s amused at the crust on her pie.
And he used words to justify.
His goal, such as I love you boo.
At school her thighs are open
And his eyes walled back hoping.
And his eyes walled back hoping
To get some and start stroking
Oh rules made to be broken
At school afraid to be joking
Wearing a mini skirt, bra and
Panties, he’sw in the car with plan
from the hood with tall phat rhymes
should at all times strive to survive
This onslaught from nine to five
On the job, survive in the wild woods.
Being deprived of childhood
Rest her breasts.


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