Black Poetry : she was a CHINESE GIRL a ton of essentials make it fundemental for boys to rap to her and really a map she prefer to just keep up and have a sweet but

she buys and some be pie but allude.
boys they want some sex and stuff.
it became complex she's heard enough.
then she walks off
they begin to talk so soft.
this could be a circus of love.
if the purpose in the club
is to rap hot.
and trap a girl on the spot.
may need a map to plot.
a plan even PETER PAN knows this.
a boy started to rap.
and a crew of words.
oh, boys wanna snuggle with girls.
and puzzle their worlds.
with a date for cake
HE SAID: so, boo he wanna take.
you are out tonight and awake.
in her bed it's morning glory
with sex and a warning story
she may have missed her guess.
after a boy kissed her breast
it was a brisk kiss and now suggest.
she ducks a lot.


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