Black Poetry : she was a CHINESE CHICK make boys say please quick she hold chop sticks and fried rice and replied nice to boys out to rap and no doubt trap a chick v

and they went up a whack hill.
to fetch some, SHE SAID: her attitude sparks.
when she hears rude remarks
she not in the mood to start.
an affair she has gravy and chocolate.
will kill a bear for this.
boys thrill to get a spare kiss.
arose got her shook.
but she already closed the book.
on having sex
on having sex.
she now grabbing the KOTEX.
sweaty fun is known.
but she's ready to run home.
being in VIRGINIA BEACH is cool.
and she made a speech to the school.
then the teachers made a rule
about boys that fool
chicks she's chewing bubble gum.
and doing something troublesome
some girls be legit and itching.
having a fit in the kitchen
having a fit in the kitchen
oh, fish on the plate.
boys wanna kiss and cake
oh, CHINESE GIRLS go through a lot.
boys on their knee's panties blue and hot
her perfume legit
but she need room to sit.
so, he scoots down.
because she's cute and renown
grab her waist begin to squeeze.
HE SAID: this has been a breeze.
girl you magnificent like MARIAH CAREY
girl you magnificent like MARIAH CAREY.
but here at a different library
there's a ton on books.
have fun and shook.
he thirsts with a smile.
he'll make it worth her while.
so, he just nurses his style.
and put his hand under her dress.
he stole a kiss prefer breasts.
to feel the phat lips on her coochee.
she spoke with identity.
her coochee smoked like a chimney.


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