Black Poetry : she was a CHINESE CHICK. make a boy say please quick. they want some and tongue. they come to the club sprung. oh, CHINESE GIRLS flow is hot. and they


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May 11, 2006
she was a CHINESE CHICK.
make a boy say please quick.
they want some and tongue.
they come to the club sprung.
oh, CHINESE GIRLS flow is hot.
and they know a lot.
her body boss all cream
and like a soft ball team
she plays in a lot.
and her body stay hot.
so, boo hey stop.
then he begins to speak
walked to the end of the street.
hot chick
with chopsticks
boys stop quick.
and try to rap.
and get pie perhaps.
oh, CHINESE GIRLS go through a lot.
and their panties do be hot.
want boyfriends true or not.
he has an affair at home.
and like the heir of a throne
he wanna be king.
and gonna wear bling.
he wants her to share her thing.
with him in bed
her lips above the rim and red
just sex and a kiss lack.
but it exists in fact.
you no doubt butter boo
and without further ado
he wanna kiss her lips.
and take brisk trips.
into dream land
she's here in a green van.
her body seem to be in demand.
he had a corrupt plan.
he just stuck his hand.
under her skirt
oh, her thing perked.
like coffee she became alert
that he wants some oh it's work
she started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, a short letter.
come with all sorts of clever.
words that discuss cake
they feel they must take.
a slice, oh a long walk
and strong talk
could lead to sex.
and eventually proceed next.
to the bedroom
oh, boys in Fruit of the LOOM
and girls are cutes in perfume.
fall on the bed and kaboom!
when a boy jumps on top
and just pump it a lot
oh, from the hood and convinced.
that she got good sense
oh, a honey with pride.
pay money for a ride.
it's funny inside.
a boy's drop top
she enjoys a lot.
oh, her panties wet.
and candies a threat.
to melt, drastic like elastic
how panties spring back
keep his bling intact.
oh, chatter is confused noise.
that's used by boys.
to rap love junk
in the club it's funk
in hugs and chunks
flow in a brisk way
that show and display.
oh, he looked at his plan.
oh, he put his hand.
under her dress
that's thunder no less.
oh, she just starts to moan and groan!
SHE SAID: oh, many times mean often.
and plenty wine soften.
words, like an airplane unload folks
came with affair game and quotes.
drop off at runways.
have fun these days.
oh, a girl with lips wet and red.
really have to get to bed.
it's a threat to spread.
her thighs
after she's fed lies
by boys
they try toys.
with a girl mind
oh, wet panties and mini skirt.
some kisses and plenty flirt
a girl gives a boy some tongue.
and now he lives dumb and sprung.
oh the love must stop fast.
it can give a girl a hot flash.
while the CD HIP HOP and blast
oh, CHINESE GIRLS get hot.
and their panties be wet a lot.
oh, a girl with flow style and lace.
could be a high-profile case.
which involve a cake date.
she says he was going crazy.
and her thing flowing gravy
aw girl you got some good stuff.
right here
oh, whack folks upping reviews
to get attention
yet in a dimension
of total silly ability
so, he shed tears.
ahead of his peers
oh, he has a flow urge.
to throw words
in her eardrum
she can hear some.
because her panties got wet


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