Black Poetry : she was a BLACK SOUL SISTA need an exact bold mister to kiss her lips get cake reminisce on a wet date her panties no doubt wet but she out of debt i

boys try sink her TITANIC.
so, in nice words
she must duck them ice bergs.
wanna sniff a renown queen.
so, his nose drift downstream
gift her booty round extreme
oh, her body will arouse a jerk.
she looks at that as housework.
she never do a MICKEY MOUSE FLIRT
she always throws butt.
so, boys want her donut.
because it's KRISPY CREME
because it's KRISPY CREME.
her flow prevails over emotion.
for a female it's a love potion
kissing a little rattle
from listening to tittle tattle
oh, he just put his hand.
under her dress with a plan
aw girl you got some phat lips.
on your thing he must come to grips
with this she was just moving her thing
oh, he just kissed her lips wearing bling.
and got some tongue mind trips sprung.


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