Black Poetry : She was a BLACK SOUL SISTA Met an exact bold mister In a community of men May not get an opportunity again Boys apply for pie and try for A date they

You flood this page with your sheet
truth be told your stuff is weak
how old are you again my friend?
but friends we are not and your rhymes ain't that hot

You rhyme-bad is right, your stuff stinks it has a stench
if rhyming was basketball you wouldn't even get off the bench
You rhyme about this chick that chick
and you have NO chick
the only chick you have is chick fil a and
the only time you see her is when you pay

You're a boss trick dreaming of a chick you can't get
cause yo game is spent
a $2 ho didn't even want to give you a go
SHE SAID when you get $3 give her a holla

i realize if you got paid to fantasize you'd be a franchise
but instead you're not even a ma and pa shop
You more like a loli with no pop

You're game is so wack you can't even stunt on retarded girl
i heard you stepped to one in VIRGINIA BEACH she told you to go
to h3ll
You like the little engine that could and then u couldn't
stop trying to play us like we stoopid

Posting like you a boss Don when all you are
are the letters F U added to the word futon

Let's face it get out yo momma basement
stunting like you a road dog
when you just a wet hog
with the sty to match
how do we know because of the way you act
blessings us with your memoirs from 3rd grade
don't be mad at me for stating the obvious
i state facts i never throw shade.


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