Black Poetry : she was a BLACK SOUL SISTA boys run bold to whisper in her ear drum a tempanic membrane above the rim and romanic and plain coochee wet with pride bu


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May 11, 2006
boys run bold to whisper.
in her ear drum a tympanic membrane
above the rim and romantic and plain
coochee wet with pride.
but have to set aside.
her hormones for now
she is at the bar with class.
but heard a car crash.
rushed outside fast.
to fine someone with a flat tire
the boy had a phat desire.
of speeding and proceeding
the speed limit needing
to think a little harder while driving
heard it's wild just surviving.
a collision driver be shook up.
well, she looks but
continue to party.
but she tries not hear none.
but some got through.
she heard boo I love you.
a twister of mind
the whisper of wind through the pines
founded him listening and kissing.
a girl, oh she must escape reminiscing.
leads to vicious sex.
with a suspicious X
she's flirting no doubt.
and lurking about
in the school hallway
she fools him all day.
as he waited for a date
after school but she sneaked away
this is a very freak day.
aw he was very shook.
and wanted to carry her books.
oh, she roams panties wet.
and that alone is a threat.
use slang at home.
and sang along.
while she listens
a boy wanna be kissing.
her lips oh stop that.
his words hot and phat
anyway, her bra loose
in the car there's juice
in the form of milk
boys swarm over silk
panties and stuff body built.
great for cake it's kilt.
the hormones of boys
luck hot like a coach.
using the buck shot approach.
try get some quick
from a chick
her breasts fine
and the best time
for boys to approach
is at night.
when their stats are right
every night on her computer
she fights off an intruder.
it's red alert.
by a misled jerk
he wants sex real bad.
at the end of the month
he begins to hunt.
for a chick, now it's underway.
there's thunder today.
must come to a stop.
and discuss some plots.
oh, he stuck his hand under her dress.
he a fan of the best breasts



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