Black Poetry : She Wanted to Out Erotic Erotic With Me (Now She Won't Open Her Eyes)


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Mar 19, 2001
I've seen the sun
rise up in the east
and get down in the west
twice now - it's been
48 hours since I've seen
her Sienna's
10:00 pm right now and
in two hours we will
be in the exact place,
exist among the same
scent, and see the same
crescent moon that
illuminated our concupiscent
incident that has her refusing
to open her eyes...

Well this is how it happened...

She said she wanted to "Out Erotic"
Erotic, be taken to a point
where her screams would piggyback
the protons of an atom, richocet
off Vega and bless the world
with a Kaleidoscopic array of
eternal epiphanies...
become an existence somewhere
in the cosmos she thought,
maybe have a constellation named
after her

She wanted me to change my name to
"Chi" metamorph myself into
her energy so she could
feel me from the inside out
or assume the alias of the "22nd
letter" cause two plus 2 equals
fore and she wanted to play

(So in went slow tape Number 360,
and we began to revolve around
the depths of each others desires)

While waiting for the hiss to end /
and begin / this dance
diablo pulled up a seat with a
glass of tea in hand / and
a thermostat to balance hell's temp
to our heat...I told him to
grab a towel

She laid there as if she were
newly born snow / innocent / waiting
for me to make snow angels upon her

So I adjusted myself to a position
within her orgasmic proximity / held
the fingertips of her hand with my
tongue...and we danced...
the increments of her fingers tasted
of peppermint / soothed me to a
state of natural instinct cruise
control / the creases offered me
...the panting of her prints / on
my palette and I swallowed them one by

My journey traced her marked her
with points to be revisited/
and I returned / with a vessel of
"enhancers" (I wanted her to cum
a rainbow I could slide down into
her pot of joy)

The honey I placed at the base of her
neck flowed down a channel
and formed a pool at the small of her back
/ when I dived in she exhaled Lily petals tattooed
with love verses and we were surrounded
by encouraging words that urged us
to give an encore before we ended
so we could feel the inevitable
before actualization of a forthcumming

My body sweet, sticky from diving
I rubbed upon her so my soul can
cling to hers // after I saw them
holding hands // I began to do
things that themometers could not

My tongue began to connect
all the points that I left,
her back arched the souls of her
feet imprinted the essence of
frankencense and it walked around us
in amazement her thighs spread
and I obliged / I moved in a circular
motion circumcising all doubts
that this was real / her
clitoris told me so / so I pushed
deep(H)er to get to the origin
of her sexual etymology
I found the MANYOUscript after
I flipped her over and entered
in the back and smacked / until
her moans gave me the map

following the keys to excretory
fulfillment I held her hips high /
feet dangling / yet drawing pics
of what pleases her / I sent
shockwaves of passion up
and down her spine / she
called me king of the zodiac
cause her womb's been blessed
by star kisses and caresses

She closed her eyes and I layed
her on her side and spooned her
'til HE found the Ice cream(I scream)
he'd been looking for...Chocolate
Mocha Butter Pecan covered in a
cherryblueblackstrawberry glaze
and he gained


her legs trembling / cold leaves
trapped in space blissfully beaten
by fall rains and she be-came the
constellation she so desparately
wanted to be / I called her "Alpha
and Omega" the beginning and ending
of her universe and she laid
there shot into a blak hole of
visions that creates a body satisfied
and she closed her eyes............
to SEE them in their Karma(l) Sutra
suited splendor.

Since then I haven't seen her
Sienna eyes / but her imaginations
project themselves on the darkness
letting me know that my efforts
were not in vain.

(c) 2001 blakverb

I love it, I love it, I love it - brotha!!

This is truly DEPTH....
Can you do to me all of these things + more and more divided by a continuum of the things I know you aren't even sharing at this point?!

I just want to know - when will you come over to my place & hook a sista up - On the REAL!!

Keep flowin' like ya' know somethin'!!


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