Black Poetry : She the hot type and not ripe like green peaches very sweet that strike boys as chase bait place a plate on the table, able to read minds at the age o


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May 11, 2006
She the hot type and not ripe like
green peaches very sweet that strike
boys as chase bait place a plate on
the table, able to read minds.
at the age of eight proceed online
LOOK BOO I'm from the hood and clever.
but would never be in favor of an endeavor.
grab a shower and have to power to use.
ivory soap while singing fiery quotes amuse.
my body get ready for a huge party.
news on the TV is CNN THE Hardee
is down KEMPSVILLE ROAD Bacardi
rum in the refridge this is some big stuff.
come legal boo and equal to dynamite.
when I sometimes write a bunch of hype
see an affair true as I prepare to kiss.
your lips girl and flip your world and twist.
your fate now I want cake plain and simple.
my aim is like little SHIRLEY TEMPLE
tap dance and rap romance.
see an affair and prepare to chance.
a date, live to taste candies.
and give chase to panties.
he wants her cook pie to flow.
so, he looks high and low.
and then jest try and go.
to bed, this runs a boy loco.
while her lips glow red
pursued by creditors.
and misused by predators.
wow I lose editors.
every day, “NAW PLAYER
her dress is down.
she not gonna impress a clown.
may as well taste nice wine.
can't waste a lifetime.
thinking about BOONESFARM
or MAD DOG stuff can harm.
your brain and that's plain.
and simple, this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH major props
flavor is hot her behavior not.
the norm
like a box of Lucky Charms
this is magically delicious.
skin a smooth caramel
he can't say fare well.
to her beauty and booty
oh, a Brown Soul Sista go.
through a lot of boys go
have pride in my speech.
plus reside in VIRGINIA BEACH
she occupy Walmart.
see a tall guy smart.
“LOOK BOO you got sleazy breasts.
but not easy access
applied lyrical.
and they became classified material.
girl you a winner with lace
we enter a place.
let's meet in the staircase.
in a love affair we embrace
prevail with quotes.
and like sailboats
hug the shore.
with love galore
one boy jest tore
her panties wanting some.
he sits on a phat throne.
and that is known.
there must be some mistake.
got approached by a dumb fake.
“BUT GIRL enjoy the wind.
make me your boyfriend.
got some brown sweaty thighs.
and I'm ready for pies.
so, it's wise to jest go to bed.”
“NAW PLAYER: my cake is hot.
and your thing hard like slate rock
when thinking leaves me in great shock
this stuff is dope and like a rope.
it broke with a loud snap nope.
its proud rap and a crowd yap about hope
and before he had a swell plan
but Love fell from his hand.
and broke into
now he hopes to do.
some sex a coke true
can cool her coo-chee off.
because it's so juicy and soft


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