Black Poetry : She sweet and black with a tremendous street act boys carry her books even the dairy is shook over the milk in her breasts she's wearing a silk dress


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May 11, 2006
She sweet and black
with a tremendous street act
boys carry her books
even the dairy is shook
over the milk in her breasts
she's wearing a silk dress
HE SAID” its guilt no less
the world face domination when he flow well
but need a girl with accommodation at a hotel
he's part thug
and vicious like a heart drug
won't let a girl depart his floor rug
he adore love
have Ebonics apparatus
which feeds on his economic status
his task is fly
he want fast pie
and that classify
his brains as nuts
he said wanna be in your powdered lace
while rocketing into outer space
or prevailing boss and terrific
while sailing across the Pacific
NAW PLAYER she was wet a bunch
and met a boy for lunch
they ate Captain Crunch
which was wheat to eat
HE SAID“ aw boo you so sweet
you a Black Soul Sista with a round
butt” this is Black Hip Hop he down
with rhyming regular clowns drown
in this here pool of funk
this stuff will schools a chump
lets hop in the car
and stop to the bar
girl you got some black sweaty thighs
are you ready to ride?”
“NAW PLAYER” today need rest
jest to stay abreast
you wanna play up under my dress
she's a chick with fact
not a piece of bric-a- brac
after speaking don't deserve kick back
scriptures shook
like pictures and book
and what not
she strut butt a lot
try be original these days
but like digital displays
words be flashing too much
so she keep my dress down
her breasts get hound
“LOOK BOO try flow right in Virginia Beach
by using a polite speech
he looked at her breasts all of a sudden
her blue dress became unbutton
and he kissed her lips right there
“stop” aw girl its jest Hip HOP care
her cake revealed
and her fate was sealed
her heart leaped
his car parked in the street
she never feared to be queen
now she appeared on the scene
wearing a Minnie skirt and bra
and boy about to lose his mind so far
ready to take to the sky
get some cake and pie
NAW PLAYER I mingle at home
with a single tone
try to sing
hate an empty symphony
boys want pie with bling
but a kiss is a fly thing
my minnie dress express
mood and attitude stress a dude
that's horny for real in the nude
try elude some stuff
getting trapped is dumb enough
he wanna touch her tonight
and it gives her such a fright
to go to bed knowing that
oh he really want some bad
here coo-chee is so wet down there
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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
he a sexy thug beautiful and black
for fact uses hot nouns and verbs when he raps
but man's hormones got no brakes
eyes bulging at the scene
standing before Dairy Queen
ordering thick milk shakes
and tons of heavy cream
waitress say "how much"
he say, "i want it all
by the ton or bunch"
waitress say, "that's a tall
order. maybe way to much to munch"
he say, " i know
hurry up gotta go
gonna slaughter it all fo sho
slung waitress over his shoulder
he say, "that completes my order
we out or in depends
on how boo wants to begin"

Man finally laying down his bag of tricks
cause he finally found that chick
that makes his soul tick
whose body he wants to stick and lick
you wanna play with my body baby
make me real hot
open a can of hot shot?

gazed into my light brown eyes
became mesmerized
he said "I swear I saw God"
i said "perhaps, but i'm just a bard
who's a sweetheart
with a sweet name
and crazy sexy game
a black pretty face
and devastating lace from outer space

he stared and hollered "hey yo"
i stared back and said "oh no
you gotta come better than that black"
he said "ok then sweetie how about i rap?"

"boo your perfume is smoking
your breasts and nipples poking
through that blue silk dress
now my brains a got dayum mess
can't concentrate need a date
this man aint no dumb dumb
i'm patient but i need some yum yum

ooouuu weeee! lottie dottie
this boy got a clever hottie
not a word out her lips
raps to me with those round hips
night queen oil all over her body

hypnotizing me with her dreamy eyes
while she gapping black creamy thighs"
licked her lips said "drop the top. I'm ready to ride!
you got a cucumber you aiming to hide?
time for desserts you want pie first?

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