Black Poetry : SHE SHOWED HER ...

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    She showed her *** … but not as the usual metaphor conveys
    She showed me a side of herself in a multitude of ways
    From her sweet-as-sugar demeanor that makes my heart skip beats
    To the side of her that is a real freak in the sheets
    I saw her silhouette that she profiled for me review
    She engaged my senses, and in revival set out to renew -
    The base desires of my carnal nature to which we’re both espoused
    To a level of excitement that had me hyper-erect and ultra-aroused
    Waiting to enter moist places, my urge chases hers like school aged kids
    Even when I closed my eyes in blinks, her nakedness rested on my eyelids
    I was past the point of being ready to take her, right where she laid
    Showing her *** as she was, like champions showing off during a parade
    I was excited … and the sight of her nakedness added to it
    She was like a hastily unwrapped Christmas present that was for me, and I knew it
    Wanting to run through her as does through a window, an ocean breeze
    But waiting for the right moment when her body language said “**** me, please”

    She showed her *** … and it was a thing of beauty
    It was much more to it than her just showing me her pretty booty
    It was the unveiling … the undressing and caressing that was involved
    It was walls, barriers and inhibitions that were dissolved
    It was the breaking through to a persona that she chose to share with me
    A part of her being that she displayed comfortably
    Showing her nakedness without caution or restraint
    Allowing me to see her as bold and unabashed … in other words – shy, she ain’t
    With a discriminating promiscuity she bade me to come to forbidden places
    We engaged in activities that would later make us moan, groan and make faces
    Touching her in certain areas as to each other we would sensually squabble and ***
    And at times in my kissing of her body … I’d move my lips to kiss her ***
    She granted me access to areas meant to be touched by the person of her choosing
    It so happened that she chose me, and our get together was amazingly amusing

    She showed her *** and it was like a picture perfect scene of autumn
    She gave me an up-close and personal view of her bare naked bottom
    And for a moment I was mesmerized by her gluteal-maximal peaks
    Very much enamored by her set of beautiful ***-cheeks
    All I could do is stare as it grabbed my full attention
    In rare form hers was such that it bragged on itself and made mention -
    Of its roundness and profoundness; very bold in its posture
    Very distinct in its bodaciousness, putting to rest the doubts of those who’re not-sure
    As she moved, so did her *** … and I was utterly dumbfounded -
    As to how something so beautiful could be so surreal, as silly as it sounded -
    I had to pinch myself just so I knew that I wasn’t a dream
    Exciting my “bulging manner” that wanted to burst at the seams
    I was awakened out of my trance by the reality of our surroundings
    Soft and serene … seductive in its soundings
    Her body was the canvas upon which I would create a masterpiece -
    Of moans, groans, obscene language, scratching biting … to say the least

    She showed me her *** and it was pretty and clean
    She gapped her legs and showed me the påssion fruit in between
    It was a plum to be bitten with a particular taste to savor
    Juicy fruit to bite into to stain my lips with a certain flavor
    It peeked at me from its surrounding, showing its availability
    Nestled neatly betwixed the lobes of a proud and prominent ***, needing no validity
    Had me watering at the mouth with the ḉoochie in between her waist
    Longing to satisfy her longings for me to move in and take a taste
    I moved in and I sniffed it, and it had a clean glandular scent
    No need to prove, I caught a whiff - it was a smell that had me bent
    It triggered psycho-hormonal changes that made the experience out-of-body
    And before long I was kissing her ***** and perineal regions, being nasty and naughty
    I kissed it as would a good kisser does on a first date
    And the lips of her ***** kissed me back, with a påssion that predicates -
    An evening of licking, flicking, digital stimuli, sucking …
    Faletio, Cunnilingus, and the different dimensions of *******

    She showed me her *** … and did so without shame
    Her ṗussy and her *** yearned body touch … and desperately called my name
    And with a caffeinated fervor I took hold of her body for a while
    Interacting sexually with her … but not limited to just one style
    I put my lips to places on her body that doesn’t normally see the sun
    Covering her body with kisses, not leaving “any” area undone
    Sucking titties … pulling her **** with my teeth
    Licking concentric circles of her areola and the folds of her breast underneath
    Biting her neck … while ******* her hungry *****
    With a drive and zeal that in its own right was there to push me
    To push free of the trappings and hang ups during our state of sexual unrest
    To bring us to this moment in our complete state of undress
    Two naked forms doing what is innate to us both
    Acting on primal desires, with fires to be stoked
    Pushing and pulsing in and on each other like anxious patrons rushing a line
    We ****** till she nutted and wet my genitals with an orgasm that salted mine

    She showed her *** … a visual cue to keep a tab on
    The perfect accessory when doggie stylin’ … gave me something to grab on
    There to whack and smack, pound like a rubber stamp
    To hand-polish and rub on just like Aladdin’s lamp
    To hold and to handle as I ***** her in positions, more than one
    To play with like a kid playing with play-dough, having my own kind of fun
    We being a congress of two, having all I’s, and not a single “Nay”
    All while stuffing her cavity as would be done to a turkey on Thanksgiving Day
    I grabbed handfuls of her åss while pulling her into me in a reciprocal manner
    We were engaged in full-on intercourse and nearing orgasmic clamor
    I smacked an åss-cheek and told her to **** me, and our interaction intensified
    To the point where she came and came hard … her little missy cried
    She proceeded to bury her head in her pillow as she let out a scream
    All while she leaked from her uterine walls, in streams
    Wetting the bed sheets with a combination of perspiration and perineal wetness
    As she backs up and slams into my pelvis with a vengeful relentlessness

    She showed her *** … the nakedness of her back side
    She showed me a nastiness that I gravitated towards, that affords a brazen slide -
    Into the deepest throws of påssionate lasciviousness that one could ever imagine
    So magnetic was the urge to copulate … before we knew it … it just happened
    We attacked each other like soldiers on the battle field
    Pushing into and on each other not knowing which one of us would be the first to yield
    Bearing the brunt of bodies slapping against each other, nothing between us as a shield
    And it all started when she showed her *** … my fate was sealed
    We wrestled, toiled and tussled to a point of breathlessness
    Working out the terms of our sexual tension and indecent restlessness
    Volleying back and forth like a letter that’s been returned to sender
    I ḟucked her and she ḟucked me back to see who’d be the first to surrender
    She grabbed the back of my neck and made a demand appropriately pushy
    Looked me directly in the eye and said “**** this ******* *****”
    We went on like this for a while and neither one of us rescinded
    We fell out after a while breathing heavily, because we were both winded

    She showed me her ***, underneath and from up under the covers
    Faultless flesh that I pressed as we shamelessly ****** each other
    And as if I had hit all the right buttons and all the right switches
    She intermittedly went into slight convulsions and orgasmic body twitches
    She twitched with ejaculatory action as her body bucked and jerked
    Signs and wonders of body quakes and tremors testament that something worked -
    To sustain her orgasmic cavalcade as one climax followed the other
    Fanning the flames of påssion of which I didn’t want to smother
    She cursed my name and put her nails in my back
    She put her teeth in my neck as her ***** went on the attack
    Her hips moved with the urgency of a track runner in first place
    And what was priceless about the entire episode, was the look on her face
    I ****** her while she came, a favorite past time of mine
    She tensed up and clutched various parts of me, actions I consider sinfully-divine
    She scrunched her eye brows, and at times had eyes open wide
    As she came time and again from me stirring her from inside

    She showed her ***, and it was a sight to remember
    A sight burned in my mind from January to December
    I’m out of breath just thinking about those moments alas
    And it all started … when she showed her ***

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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