Black Sports : 'She showed a lot of courage': Serena Williams praises Maria Sharapova for taking responsibility aft

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    • Meldonium was a medicine the Russian ace took for 10 years but it became a prohibited substance on January 1
    • Received letter on December 22 from WADA informing her of changes and she admits she didn't look at the list
    • International Tennis Federation confirms she will be provisionally suspended from the sport from March 12
    • Williams said she was 'surprised and shocked' by the announcement but said Sharapova was 'upfront and honest'
    • The 21-time Grand Slam champion is now set to overtake Sharapova as the highest-paid female athlete in the world
    • Nike announced that is is suspending their $70million endorsement with Sharapova
    • Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, as well as Porsche, said they do not plan to renew deals with the Russian star
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