Black Poetry : SHE SAID

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    NAW PLAYER got a crew of dreams like the SUPREMES can’t hurry
    Love” you flow well but like AL WILSON sing a song so don’t worry
    Romance is my motto I was at ADVANCE AUTO on NEW YEARS
    EVE to buy some parts an a guy start rapping it was very clear
    He wanted some my breasts sweet plus I'm in Chesapeake here
    A gas station to the right a fast situation about to ignite he's sincere
    With legit rap but I wouldn't sit in his lap a girl git trapped like that
    Panties be steaming hormones gleaming some boys wanna phat
    Bone and be dreaming, sol I strut around butt be brown and round
    These boy hounds can hunt can't stand and front I could be bound
    For the bed, my love fly about one guy wanna try it out and hound
    Down town and lick around well I guess that's normal for boys to
    Be that way, my body galore smoking now the store door open few
    Boys walk in and then the talk begin, got on perfume form my room
    Now ADVANCE AUTO plays a disco tune something and soon
    Something will happen this boy chill rapping stuff hot can't take it
    But not naked how will I make it through this? No doubt got cox legit
    Right out the box but can't handle the channels especially SEX IN
    The city , its complex like P DIDDY drinking CIROC so text begins
    Boys send a love letters; I'm madly bold and like NATALIE COLE
    "This will be" (an everlasting love) and music blasting rock and roll
    In the club, I'm getting phat greetings like being at meetings jest
    Hold a banner while a boy folds his bandana, sweeten my breasts
    My body curves amaze like words of praise boys cum with verbs
    Try raise my roof, my mayonnaise is proof a sandwich has nerves
    Boys want my cake to be sniffing and like BLAKE GRIFFIN be in
    The zone holding a PBJ sandwich for lunch I use to see when
    Momma finish work wow it sticks to the top of my mouth then
    I can't talk, the grape jelly sweet no escape no celly to speak on
    Back then it was a whack spin on my life for success seek strong
    Options from a cotton field that was a rotten deal even during slavery
    So now out of the clear sky this boy wanna show some bravery
    And make a sincere try to get this here pie he see there's also cake
    That exists after a phat kiss so boys be at this and can't fake
    Swinger by choice sound nice like a singer's voice so on this very
    Fly day to our right is MILITARY HIGHWAY and there boys wanna carry
    Me off in their car my body very soft so far panties wet like rainy
    Potholes, boys plot scrolls of love talk, cum up with smart brainy
    Words as I stand here my ears can hear wow Alabama beat the crap
    Out of OKLAHOMA with stamina and heat this boy really wanna rap
    Some aroma to me for real as girls we know the deal forget the map
    And perhaps he may score I hope there's a trap door for my escape
    Would make it simple now stand with cake and a dimple like DRAKE
    They’ll be talking about baby you best and go crazy on my breast jest
    Sucking and on the gravy under my dress no ducking so it's best
    I be plenty alert this mini-skirt could fly up and a boy would have
    Pie luck so I try duck but now this guy walks up

    HE SAID LOOK BOO I have a romance plot doe right here at ADVANCE
    AUTO down like slopes on hills have hopes and thrills and this enhance
    My quotes jest to spill verses and chill with nurses, I’m sick wit
    Skills have pride in my act, can't hide the facts that I want your legit
    Hot body can't stop the party that's about to go down to flow renown
    Your body glow brown and girl your booty is Jell-O you that cutie down
    Like BRANDI so hello I'm that fellow gonna date you, my car is
    A hummer for the summer so what your number? Not a bizarre wiz
    But MILWAUKEE is the king of beers we can do some things in here
    It excite to be learning and tonight keep the light burning kind of fear
    Earning your love then returning to the club jest to slow dance to
    A romance can't blow the chance of falling in love need finance true
    Boo it'll soon be 2016 you got plenty cream so it’s a Yabba dabba doo
    Like FRED FLINTSTONE got in the bed when I went home brand new
    Ride awaits so boo don't hide cake with pride I'll take a slice from you
    I've come to my senses plain; love cleanses my brain but only a few
    Can accomplish this with some bomb is and a kiss, so girl you need
    To flirt to my Benz in that skirt with the fringe at the bottom and feed
    My hormones, they are jumping and my stats flow like FAT JOE, AG
    AND DIAMOND D that “Make em Proud (hold up)” plateau stays free
    Static and friction lead to a dramatic composition like a play writer
    Stay a fighter in the war of words, good grammar become tighter
    And hood glamour is a mightier way to express the best in us
    Oh yes begin to trust HIP HOP so o lets lip lock your pie crust
    Is available, write strong rhymes had this habit a long time trust?
    The wrong mind now think whack a kink in my act goes to the skating
    Rink and lack chicks but somehow like LIL BOW WOW not hating
    Just “Roll and Bounce” got a fetish for lettuce on course like
    , A rabbit just a force of habit now knowledge spark the air right
    here in College Park Square tonight, never flee my bound “I'll be around
    like the SPINNERS even if I have to go down town starting to astound
    me with an ADVANCE AUTO love affair girl your cakes are fly and
    them stakes are high like De La Soul I'm on roll

    NAW PLAYER: I’m cute and flirt boys say I’m soup and dessert
    My blood rushes while love crush I jest hush and blush but alert
    As I walk away can’t talk all day your bling is true but I got
    Things to do you wanna cling to this boo like jelly do toast hot
    I’m fixed with cream deep betwixt and between the sheet lots
    To say, in a strong rage feel like I’m on stage at night the spot-
    Lights hot and bright when I flip the switch my lips itch, you stop
    Thinking about pies and winking your eyes boys tell stinking lies
    As they tries for the pies they rides waiting as they take strides
    Yes got cake plenty in store but can’t take anymore
    Of the love talk, like boys in drop tops I’m in the wind a lot no bore
    In that can’t ignore a phat chick they cum with stats quick trying
    To be that quick dude that got over here in ADVANCE AUTO replying
    With sweet talk I have a unique walk that attract boys it’s booty
    Licious, my lips on display, hips sway while my mind slip away
    Sweaty and ready to skip out on this one strong kiss and I may
    Wanna lay down, thing wet so let me step back because junk happen
    In my breasts not a drop of milk left my body in silk deft I’m snapping
    A beauty streak a cutie unique, somehow win every now and then
    Wanna give me a rose for flirting then close the curtains when
    I least expected try get a wet piece and wreck it that’s jest men
    Make a girl breast spin, stuff you say is sincere best my ear stay
    Clear of that I may get wet and hot, you want access and today
    My breasts on display what can a girl say? Given the Opportunity
    you’re gonna wanna exercise and get sex and pies, then be puny
    From the boyfriend standpoint, attract with hips boys attack my lips
    With kisses in all directions they calls for affection then they grips
    My waist then try to flip my lace after some sweet talk makes trips
    Down town while I move my thing all around just because of my
    Hot stats body attainable to be got at so many pauses and try
    For pie the principal is sensible no excuse not to produce juice
    Sex could be a disaster act unplanned pregnancy after the fact
    Aware and must duck before a boy tear it up and share a cup
    Of wine while he’s doing it, you want legit cake try butter up
    I’m gonna hit the brakes try stop my pie is hot and true luck
    And horses do buck wrong choices can screw up a life I duck
    Ok you have pride and flow but I’m not a “sideshow” and really
    Like BLUE MAGIC this could be true tragic in an affair with a silly
    Role, my hips brown and swell but may have tripped and fell in
    Love, right here in ADVANCE AUTO among all this auto part selling
    My heart telling me to be smart and depart my knee start to buckle
    Look I’m sweet and cute, eat soup and I speak for a group, chuckle
    About love affairs guess the club bears some fault in that when
    A girl begins to chat and men are at sex, do I need a boyfriend?
    Oh how did this kiss come about I’m dumb no doubt to let it
    Happen wet and mapping an escape wrapping a cape to get legit
    Super Girl status with a computer hurls the apparatus and plot
    This program one kiss after a slow jam could bring overnight hot
    Stuff, sleep extreme have sweet dream get up get dressed after
    I let the shower wet my breast a Corvette impress a girl a disaster
    May follow because a set of wheels don’t mean a boy’s the real deal
    A and girl has to fish around wanna have fun and fine boys are revealed
    one at a time tons of love lines pound my ears this is sex appeal
    perfume spark a scent in a one room apartment begin to frontor
    because at the end of the month soon start rent no trick or stunt
    have a swell upbringing and that set the bells a ringing for success
    bra clinging to my breasts while boys rap and be blinging the best
    in clubs, sip bubbly he thirst play great and boys say I have a lovely
    birthday cake walk and see how you tried to talk to me, bubbly
    champagne is ugly to the brain wanna hug me, boys crave for
    cake and behave fake and silly in the club want me in their car
    I'm aware far up the road they gonna try and get some fa la la
    while the music play, love talk continuous it produce a tremendous boost
    to my hormones, got strong pride been a long ride my luck flee no excuse
    wanna a cup of tea then feel as fresh as a daisy my breasts making this boy
    crazy right here at ADVANCE AUTO
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    Look I thirst a lot and knowledge been the worse flop dang college
    need a burst of HIPHOP the cure to living plush is to duck garbage
    and be as pure as the driven slush, lame fakes make the same mistakes
    so the game forsake them, have double the trouble when you do the right
    thing and wear bright blight and try to write and sing best to grab a flight
    and skate out of town when there's too much hate around or stay on
    the down low until some of these clowns go got brown flow and it's strong
    a poet and know it because I can hear music and can't use it mind blown
    want my task to expand to maybe a brass band and be the last man to
    speak my peace before turning into a street beast