Black Poetry : SHE SAID: You talk jazz but it’s “dazz” and slick like BRICK I have to be Quick, you ride in the car

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    You talk jazz but it’s “dazz” and slick like BRICK I have to be
    Quick, you ride in the car for days and like the BAR-KAYS see
    A “Hit and Run” and still git to have fun, well your facts are renown
    But I’m ready to back down from this, one dumb kiss can cause
    A landslide and my plan is to ride away alone so gee wiz pause
    On the love talk, you wanna kiss and a phat sandwich but right
    now at a disadvantage your stats manage your emotions so fight
    the lust I think you really want some, you survive days just to park
    your car in driveways like bee hives you sways to honey all heart
    Down there flow cream pies you wanna go between my thighs look
    Into my dream eyes and make extreme tries to get some I’m hooked
    On your words awight? Stand shoulder to shoulder in the club want
    Me to hand over my love so you can take me home get cake but don’t
    Be strung out because you sprung no doubt and want some of me
    A savage phony is like a marriage ceremony a guy screw after he
    says I do so a boy knows a girl’s plan you wanna go have fun and see
    crew no one knew your real goal is to grab my waist and squeeze
    your bold flows are like old clothes they don’t fit well and with these
    don’t git to tell anyone about fashion but stout passion is there to take
    You very fly and want some cherry pie that can carry a guy to a cake
    Date, fate will be to get ate on a plate of tongues and that’s all great
    planned a surprise but you demand my pies and fear in my ear vibrate
    Affection to men is like the direction of wind don’t know which way
    It blow, have cream and hype like a steam pipe it heats up and stay
    Hot so boys play a lot to persuade my cake, I listen and heard how
    They be twisting words and kissing absurd things sound curved now
    So I’m a cutie with booty and beauty shade your eyes you wanna try
    get my grade A pies to jump in the bed, I begin to fear because in my
    ear you let go of a wet flow it’s a threat may grow to sex okay your
    bling is true what is the right thing to do? Who to sing to and adore
    I’m proud no doubt but a loud shout would be out of place but this
    Is about my lace and the answer is nope as dancer hope for a kiss
    Notice you have a fast ride I got class and pride not gonna cast
    Aside my panties and let you have at it for no reason have to pass
    On that, you have bolder hopes of not getting thrown over the ropes
    For an attempt at some cake, a deft plea call the referee your quotes
    Trying to pen me and then we be having sex I’m gonna grab the kotex
    On the spot, I’ve hidden doe didn’t know boys thought I was good sex
    Well I guess my round hips and renown lips gave me away wow
    Now they crave all day to talk sweet and mess up my head somehow
    Throw my breasts in bed and get some but I jest duck twist from
    Their grip but they still manage to kiss my lips they are a fast sum
    NAW PLAYER your slang is deft but you could hang yourself if you try
    For pie and lie, for me that’s a goodbye I’m classy like LASSIE but why
    Bark up the wrong tree wanna go home with me, do sex down town
    gonna move my thing around wow you rap unafraid and renowned
    I may get trapped, played in a gown got cake and romance you sound
    Great but no chance I can go to France get a wet French kiss fly round
    Trip back to here but one fact is clear you really want some, so you
    Filled with pizzazz can thrill with jazz but HIPHOP is better for a crew
    Of things so before we date it has to more than jest cake nahamean?
    Its thunder down there in my underwear I wonder where the cream
    Went, you wanna have fun galore I’ve done this before and it led me
    To doom in a bedroom my head was tuned to love, oh my panties see
    A lot because they be hot, strange strife has led to a change of life
    Must rearrange each slice of my cake on a boy’s plate no need a knife
    Be polite you know right from wrong want me to cum home with you
    True? Wanna assist other folks one kiss could butter hopes a brisk true
    Tongue can clutter throats with love talk you utter quotes, at home
    Open the door body smoking galore, stroking and tore sheets blown
    The cover off the bed and my lips soft and red so really from now on
    Must watch my steps a girl can get trapped in a world of crap by
    kissing and listening to a boy’s words, stress is usual and never fly
    My breasts are musical and boys clever try play them my body fry
    Required the curtains close I’m tired of flirting I suppose butt moving
    Around when grooving down town shopping HIP Hopping improving
    The action, having ice cream dreams and wake up screams before
    Sex, have tight schedules, like vegetables have to write Incredible
    Just to pass time produce a fast rhyme make sure it clear and legible
    Some boys have to involve spinach to get the job finish wanna be
    A hot fly guy as a Popeye with a plot try hit the pie I’m gonna see
    What’s up, I’m pressed for time plus my breasts are divine, aroused
    And alert to do housework and no Mickey Mouse flirts I get doused
    With honey words, my lace is red and you wanna race to the bed
    You squeeze my waist gonna leave this place now you kiss my red
    Lips beg please for my lace, I know I have pudding and aware but
    You wouldn’t dare try get some would you? I’m a honey bun up
    For grabs really a sweetheart that’s street smart having fun and luck
    Want to be thrilling me with coffee before killing me softly with your
    Song need to talk to Roberta Flack about her murder track that soars
    As a Jurassic classic on the R&B charts, so you walk proud and talk
    loud, use the club never abuse love, news of back rubs can stalk
    Want to be a barber in a community with larger opportunity so bring
    The true bling do your thing hair clippers, affair with strippers cling
    To love