Black Poetry : SHE SAID: the air shook and sticky so I look quickly and this boy came to toy with my brain right he

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    the air shook and sticky so I look quickly and this boy came to toy
    with my brain right here in VIRGINIA BEACH I got hips he enjoy
    watching groove and move from side to side my min-skirt choking
    fashion boys be hoping with passion that annoys come with broken
    words oh my bone marrow smoking he creep through a narrow opening
    in a proud crowd of folks, my door ajar in the car I best lock it my breast
    hot chocolate , sweet and shook boys wanna take a sneak look and test
    it was romance first glance he thirst for a chance to kiss my lips and finesse
    my breasts, my body smoking in the ghettos while cows graze in open
    meadows, oh my panties be hot too deft and hearts end up broken
    use grammar in ways during the glamour days that hammer and amaze
    a boy's brain and that destroys his aim for sex, but right now my mini-skirt
    is down so I can flirt around cause harm alert to flaws and charm then insert
    tongue down a boy's throat,now this is Black HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH
    at HARDEES, KEMPSVILLE ROAD out front library across the street my speech
    await because a boy will walk up soon sniff my perfume and try for the room
    because I got pie kaboom! that's mysterious but serious right here and soon
    into KROGERS through the double doors trouble galore because boys really
    try rap up on some for real got class and cake and that fascinate it's silly
    how that attract love talk for a fact I got a club walk because I strut butt
    great and some boys call it a cupcake they wear bling like KING TUT
    gold holds no allure stripper slide down pole to make sure they get a boyfriend
    don't blame this act on a campaign to attract you came back to toy and spin
    my brain around, head for treasure and get bed pleasure my lips are red
    can't measure the sweetness on them, I tried to max and relax but misled
    by a kiss, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and my head
    going around, going around, going while the love talk flow and don't know
    what up next, you can twist a battery with this strategy it's an electric flow
    this become wiser and funny like the energizer bunny it's still going oh no
    now this boy walks up out of no where” “OK BOO your butt is round but
    don't me down to size want a pound a pies girl you a red-bone so up
    on fashion with strong passion min-skirt fit right alert to a legit sight
    that might get me laid let me persuade you on a date boo can be tonight
    must wash my hand but can't squash this plan girl you got cake and cream
    can't make a scene wanna take a queen out, look boo I drank from
    a fountain of iron and became like a mountain lion the prank was dumb
    to do this should've just ask you boo for true kiss I've been blank on some
    things, get sex on the beach use a text or speech with precise phrases
    get nice praises from chicks quick usually in the form of a kiss daises
    driven by MORGAN FREEMAN, boo you my girlfriend by chance we
    could have a whirlwind romance while jherri curl spin and dance and see
    new hairdos