Black Poetry : SHE SAID: she's been fine But had this friend online. Went on a cake date with a boy. And like sleazy dancers There are no easy answers. For her, lov


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID: she's been fine
But had this friend online.
Went on a cake date with a boy.
And like sleazy dancers
There are no easy answers.
For her, love those tims making.
flows above the rim not faking.
And like the art of filmmaking
A picture is shown.
Once the scripture is known
dine with wines at times sleep.
and the boys online seek.
me for sex that's so unique.
he's wearing slick bling.
and his words stick to things.
like crazy glue
he wants my stew and gravy too.
She’s a PUERTO RICAN chick.
She speaks SPANISH real quick.
Her hips float.
Like a trip on a boat
And boys would swim.
Just to toy with them
They wanna dive between her thighs
Talk jive and get her cream pies.
Oh gosh their dreams are lies.
Having sex with some men
Must come to an end.
Her breasts are art.
Boys have a stress mark.
On their words while his car park
He tries for pies talking soft.
Trapped she’s not walking off.
She is wearing a mini-skirt, bra.
And panties they wet in the car.
Wanna feast on her beach butter
They’re at peace with each other.
The new schools here are good.
Only a few fools from the hood
have a plan in the bar that's extreme.
and boys grab a can of sardines.
because they wish for fish
after they get a wet kiss
oh, how did it get to this?
Boys make ends meet.
They want cake that’s sweet.
her breasts are unique.
But it’s best she just keeps.
Boys from her door
Some wanna soar
with words but before
she go the dinner with you.
There must be an interview.
HE SAID: he designs a plan.
That’s like fine sand.
It’s on beaches.
While his cell phone reaches
Chicks quick he dials their number.
Then they share the hummer
This be about her.
She no doubt prefer.
The truth is adorned.
And like the roof of a barn
Love could fall in, a charm.
From this she was lost
Her panties were tossed.
Aside while in his ride
He wasn’t satisfied.
Until he kissed her lips
He wanted a relationship.
Oh, her pie crust was hot.
So, she must not
Fall in love.
And be all up in the club.
Kissing him and stuff
plenty Alert
in a mini skirt
You to sit in the backseat.
Girl you a queen with a quota
And like caffeine in soda
Drug a boy in a clean TOYOTA.
Got some sweaty PUERTO RICAN
Thighs and that got me freaking.
Oh, girl your panties are leaking.
All his facts hard
And like a small backyard
He can have a picnic.
With this SPANISH chick
Oh, she just kissed her lips quick.
Oh, she just kissed her lips quick.
Wow she couldn’t go anywhere.
Oh, there’s a plenty sex there.
He just put his hand under
Her skirt so much sex and thunder
Oh, she started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: dust fly in satisfaction.
Just to justify and action
Oh, a girl be frightened.
Because she sees lightning
Oh, start an empire.
With heart afire


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