Black Poetry : SHE SAID: oh if my skirt fly up that's all she wrote I'll be without hope when // no doubt a boy's

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    oh if my skirt fly up that's all she wrote I'll be without hope when //
    no doubt a boy's gonna sing and stroke and bring smoke really then //
    the kissing start like a missing cart at a store panties left in the parking lot //
    and boys be barking a lot wow who let the dawgs out, they starting plot //
    and prowl and some growl they jest puppy hounds in a yuppie town //
    here at WAWA HA! HA!, those in Lexus and above are uppity hounds //
    from the bar in car now at WAWA wearing a mini-skirt not just any //
    flirt but many twerks combined with bootylicious love kinda minty //
    dress dope as my breasts poke some boys peep at my sweets I jest //
    play it off and my body stay soft boys come with bizarre quotes yes //
    see a car that's dope use a bar of soap to shower and a true flower //
    can SET IT OFF like QUEEN LATIVA I'm an extreme diva tower //
    like a talk show host and walk slow most of the time a boy's power //
    is in his speech when the words begin to reach a girl's eardrum now //
    at this crazy WAWA being a lady from the bar not far from here somehow //
    find myself being kind and deft with hips and lips with taste and boys //
    wanna grip my waist so plenty alert in a mini-skirt panties wet and enjoys //
    flirts, girls talk to their baby daddy oh well I;m like PATTY LABELLE //
    becoming a "Lady Marmalade" I've hidden my butter like CHIC tell //
    a "My Forbidden Lover" so I walk around in the club sweet almost fell //
    in love, and like ASHFORD AND SIMPSON my hydraulics are lock //
    "Solid" as a rock, boys grab my heart try twist it and like the STYLISTICS //
    "Betcha by Golly Wow" they want my sweet cake so they can kiss it //
    boys be in rage for sex from one page to the next it's amaze and complex //
    how girl cope in world dope with love talk, my dress silk and my breast //
    milk carnation, but make a mistake to give up hot cake in not great best //
    wait a little while one divine kiss not enough to find out stuff so i smile //
    "no thanks so it's wild and clear that miles from here something could happen senile //
    anyway get hot and strut butt softly to a cup of coffee and it's round and black //
    for a renowned fact from the ground up, everything sweet so far but the facts //
    like a streetcar I may jest runaway and be done for the day my thoughts stack //
    as boys wear bling sincere and spring is here ear ring in my ear, but must steer //
    clear, now I'm at the WAWA and out front is FERRELL PARKWAY my black //
    body could be a whack party but instead a bagel everyday but not able to stay //
    trust and care is sweet help bu tin the car must wear a seat belt so up and away //
    wear my hair long and a cheating affair is wrong but that's just lemonade yall //
    wow really need to talk with BEYONCE, my luck is complete this not a mall //
    but FOOD LION is up the street and boys wanna tuck me in sheets and throw //
    me in bed but it begin with red lipstick, boys wanna kiss my lip gloss off and go //
    crazy on it but I duck a lot close my ears then a rose appears, oh I'm a no show //
    I see a boy this could be a big hug he wanna pig out on love and now he speaks //

    "LOOK BOO:
    a kiss is crushing and this discussion could shed some light as to where your head //
    at tonight and I keep my bed right, went to a street school but have to keep cool misled //
    by violent quotes need silent folks but spies just lies and don't tell the truth, but boo //
    you get sweeter lets go the HARRIS TEETER in back of WAWA I'm so into you //
    wanna buy shorty a Hershey lordy have mercy you fine online and off I'm loco //
    thrilling you with coffee while you killing me softly like DON HATHAWAY and RO- //
    BERTA FLACK on a murder track, wanna a wet cake date let me take you out you know //
    the outcome no doubt gonna get some, thighs so sweaty and black and I'm ready to act //
    on the drop of a dime and your HIPS HOP fine you know how we do girl you on track //
    in VIRGINIA BEACH at WAWA, and far as falling in love I'm about to this could outdo //
    my emotions must turn tonight affection in the right direction so baby boo shouts out to you //


    no color to the butter that clutter my thing it's the same everywhere and your very stare //
    tells me a lot oh well I'm hot but not ready to knock boots even though a hot cute and aware //
    wow so hot down there, i think you want some cake jest don't come fake it's truth or dare //
    my lips are red cream and you come with a head of steam I best duck or get my breasts //
    sucked real quick, you hype on bling and this type of thing happens everyday I suggest //
    girls beware and see where they're going, my body hot and the party don't stop this mess //
    wow didn't know a black girl get this wet lips not even kissed yet so from KENYA to //
    VIRGINIA THAT African juice is there I can't go anywhere right now, a VIRGINIA boo //
    what to do with these panties they wringing wet, i knows when i need clothes pins to hang //
    them up to dry boy you too fly and swift with words your verbs uplift like bird wings your slang //
    is an absurd thing and like CURT KOBAIN it start to hurt my brain and return like a BOOMERANG //
    tonight you might persuade me and the RITE AID you see in front of WAWA here text galore //
    and next door is the AAAA Self Storage, my plot is boss and hot sauce soften my food soar //
    Often rude with a burning sensation while learning conversation here at WAWA store //
    HARRIS TEETER in back and my body becoming a sweeter act, you're gonna need far more //
    than jest love talk, oh my black thing is so hot panties soak like a shower towel you pour //
    honey on it with love words, you have a sincere plan but my ear can't stand to hear this //
    i talk on my celli now walk up to the delli to buy a sub and this guy in love one kiss //
    could spark an affair he looks at my dark hair and start to compare me girls on his list //
    and i came out on top even though he games a lot, so I'm rearranging my laces and like //
    CHANGING FACES gonna be "Foolin Around" getting romantic action and love hype //
    like JANET JACKSON "when I Think of You" but now have to escape with my cake //
    intact hard to be fake and black boys see right through that, oh gosh I think rookies wanna take //
    my pink cookies in a silk bag then drink milk and brag guess my breast looking for revenge like DRAKE //
    so i have eyes, ears and nose plus it's must to have pies sincere with flows being freak rule must keep //
    a cool head in school be a black fine dame with a mind and brain and black stut round butt pie crust sweet //

    REMEMBER one boy talked strong so I walked home from the station //
    end up in a dumb situation some information hit my ear end up a relation- //
    ship sex education stripped my brain like taking a trip on a train my wheels //
    was rolling, so shook and deft left home with books on the shelf this feels //
    awkward, listening to tight songs to learn right from wrong but tonight own //
    my own, like PATTI LABELLE led down a path of static that's really unknown //
    got a good head in mathematics talk strong on the cell phone finally got home //
    boy on my doormat with galore stats form VIRGINIA BEACH he jest kissed //
    my red lips right there couldn't go anywhere, oh that correct my pride and affection //
    and now in a specified direction for the bed, wow he's gonna need some protection //
    bodies smoking galore he waited for me to open the door so finally insert the key //
    as my hormones alert me a black girl with a flirt spree oh I gotta stop this and see //
    what one hot kiss can do, VIRGINIA BEACH the nicest but I'm about to reach //
    a crisis if I open this door from scratch oh I'm so hot down there a wet peach //
    boys wanna juggle apples while girls struggle and drink Snapple a kiss teach //
    our taste buds that our lace is loved by boys, oh my breasts and success went //
    to his head some boys invent sex while in bed like TREY SONGZ love bent //
    the key to my door, the shine on his bling could be an unkind thing but I played //
    along really should've stayed home and now my panties wet as heck i delayed //
    his action can't let him wreck them, my black pie leaking and by speaking I //
    know this guy is seeking to get some, my black African juices produces pie //
    he expressed in words that my breasts are superb impressed at the verbs he //
    used to do this I guess one more true kiss won't hurt he begged me so be //
    it, dang the door flew open, I was so surprised oh my pies are in sincere trouble //
    right now, oh he jest utter in my ear and butter appear and now the fear double //
    it's fun to be black but now inexact, you have robust but no trust that's a must //
    have phat crust but none to give away i jest live each day and kick up dust //
    OK stop that's enough got me all hot and stuff I really must go see you later //
    oh got some my thighs was sweaty pies ready barely escape that now a crater //
    is in my mind, he wanted my pancakes should've gave him a handshake now
    stand and wait for my black cake to cool off aroused got in the house somehow //

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