Black Poetry : She Said No.

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    I’m just two pills away from taking this Xanax, needing to give my mind the time it needs so it can relax. I’m in desperate need to get my sanity back and if popping this pill will do it, then I’m on the right track. I rather just give them back, get deep into prayer cause I don’t like the way it makes me act and that’s not just a manner of speaking.. That’s a fact. So Imma pop this pill and chase it down with this Long Island Ice Tea, cause I can’t let this get the best of me. See the tragedies in my life are oversized and overgrown, and I wish this upon no one so I must face it alone.

    I open up, I lay it all on the line
    I tell her how I feel see I made the time
    And I share the my feeling in open forum
    Nothing hidden, no secrets which for me has been the norm
    And she didn’t say it directly but I could read between the lines
    She tried to be gentle in saying it’s not our time
    My shoulders slumped a little and my chest began to ache
    I know this feeling it’s that feeling I get right before my heartbreaks
    And it was a good thing I was sitting down cause I began to feel a little light headed
    I could feel the words that was coming next, like I could read her mind, words I dreaded
    And I sat there picking up all the puzzle pieces of my broken heart
    While frantically looking for the button where “re-start” was clearly marked
    But after having your heart broken as many times as mines
    You learn what’s next... you rewind and play back looking for the signs
    The ones you missed because you head was so on cloud nine
    And it’s funny but sad because there are so many thing you find
    Like how she’s holding on to the one she so called left behind
    But I appreciate the fact that she cared enough that she tried to be kind
    But as a man, were taught to say **** it and just move on
    Let the next one help us as we heal until the feeling is gone
    Were taught to suck it up, be a man, and be strong
    But I’m old enough to know that’s right there is wrong
    Cause I tried that before and all I did was leave destruction behind me, a mile long
    So this time I must go at it alone,
    A Queen-less King who sits on his throne
    A dog without a bone
    Its days like these when I want to shut the world out and stay home
    But as they say, in time it’ll get better
    After a while you’ll meet someone and your hear will forget her
    But I learned that you’ll never find what your looking for if you don’t look
    And a closed mouth won’t get fed, but you might not like what is cooked
    So I have reached that point when these pills and tea begins to kick in
    My eyes are dropping, I’m losing focus and I can barely hold my pen
    But I know it time my heart will mend
    And although this hurts, I’m not afraid to continue and to try again.