Black Poetry : SHE SAID: Love and beauty boys know their duty he had a wiry plot that was fiery and // Intense fee

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    Love and beauty boys know their duty he had a wiry plot that was fiery and //
    Intense feelings convinced yielding to boys not the best cure sweeter than //
    Peter Pan she kind and tender too fine to surrender it’s blind splendor hands //
    Down she hot like chili sauce he has the ability to toss panties she’s a dame //
    Need a rose and kiss never exposed to risk his flows miss the point, aim //
    Straight to claim cake no doubt in his arms today she out of harm's way //
    One phat kiss and she’s at risk of going to bed being chased around stay //
    A lonely heart is only part of the story being smart is mandatory she’s fit //
    In a mini-skirt and bits of his work is to get her body to the car and git //
    In the backseat so she can sprinkle pie with a twinkle in her eye, live //
    It up complex and give a duck to sex with luck her next move at the crib //
    Is to read between the lines boys want cream and wines plus dream all //
    The time of getting some letting none slip through their fingers they ball //
    At clubs bring a wall of love, but her thing is to tear a love letter to pieces //
    Talk and use junk to stick huge chunks of love talk in baby girl’s ear Reeces //
    Peanut butter cup jest clutter up her it’s chocolate and littered her pride she //
    And now considered a ride to cool her body while at a school party then HE //
    SAID:”LOOK BOO we in VIRGINIA BEACH FOOD LION, you plump and nice //
    Got a lump of ice around my neck known as bling and I’ve paid pretty price //
    To refuel my jewels to be used as tools for love hate to get schooled in clubs //
    Make girls heart-throb that a part of the job and FOOD LION carts and hugs //
    Involved you need a cure for healing your immature feelings which are //
    romantic but don’t panic boo on this planet true love for everyone with car //
    So good sex tonight see it could excite me, sex, breasts and fire express //
    a desire, frequently and recently your breasts grown didn’t make you less //
    Known because boys look because they bounce and built with every //
    Ounce of milk and this is clearly wild for nearly a mile like HALLE BERRY //
    This could be BAPS with raps perhaps how about a cake date down //
    LORD DUNMORE have fun galore be done with the store that sound //
    Good “NAW PLAYER think you wanna grab a chick come with vocab quick //
    then have a picnic by going downtown while juice flowing renown and lick //
    Wanna be a great winner don’t want steak for dinner but my cake can enter //
    Your mouth then ride a bus or van discuss plans I must fan my thing thinner //
    Panties do exist one true kiss and these are soaked body boss and hot but //
    got a soft spot for boys love glows in great beauty get the wet cake is a boy's //
    duty, OK A KISS mandatory this story concerns a friend of mine she enjoys //
    boys as it begin with wine hard to win online then find a boyfriend that toys //
    with her life so one day in a fun way he ask for a cake date her fate was drawn //
    out, mind blown no doubt panties wild buttered lace smile covered her face gone //
    on a date she has brown sweaty thighs he's ready for pies the confetti flies in //
    celebration, girl body be fine in silk but a decline in milk love slaughters like wind //
    and flood waters panties wet and phat boys can't forget that so a girl can hope //
    to escape while panties soaked in cake, awoke on a date boy wanting it no joke //
    she say she was so hot down there the bitter prevail must consider every detail //
    as she Waiting to Exhale like Whitney Houston, facts ill like Jack and Jill a pail //
    of water do exist, she say he try mess with her fly breasts while her pie bless //
    under her dress let me specify he wanna wreck her pie, its satisfaction with best //
    cream his action seems to suggest bed going her lips red and glowing hot misled //
    not knowing what to do, she has a hot bagel not able to dispute that and instead //
    he's a brute with a hat fed her the wrong stuff now go home huff and puff her lace //
    renown she felt safe and sound he chase her around with sweet talk it's really a race //
    hopes of her having sex and grabbing the kotex later faded he was down with whatever //
    she was brown and clever, he has a sick aim with a nickname quick flames and endeavor //
    she have cake and be brave and wet like a great sea wave and yet she behave to sit in //
    a car and git bizarre pressure she say he ask her for some, she gave him a slight grin //
    inside her thing juice at a true flow as he moved his hand to and fro on her brown thighs //
    look into her round eyes and tries for the pies “boo take off your panties” “oh no” she replies //
    “aw girl give a little bit” he jest fiddle wit it and rubbed the phat lips on it sexual highs //
    on the rise she say he jest kissed her lips right there in the car it begin at the bar //
    her hair curls slightly and girls nightly have dreams, daytime sun is hot but not far //
    from the beach no excuse this boy want some peach juice they may go to WAWA //
    She say she crossed her thighs because of her boss pies he used the soft lies //
    and tries to get some he jest got her wet tongue and boys get sprung body fries //
    on the CD party vibes and like CARDI B she strives in BLOODY SHOES them red //
    bottoms, she realize the hood need a good deed this could lead to some sex fed //
    by a dumb text she say she was so hot down there a fiery hot conversation couldn't //
    stop the domination like ANGELA BASSETTE “Stella Got Her Groove Back” she wouldn't //
    dare share her love he care about a hug oh he jest grab her waist and kissed her lips //
    right there in the car but the top not dropped a queen and hot cream of the crop strips //
    at home stats strong she say he has a flunky code and like a bumpy road a load of funky //
    potholes do exist but a true kiss smooth things out she say he really kissed her lips junkie //
    for love, in the air with plans and vapor holding a square of sandpaper rough side out tough //
    pride no doubt, she say he gave her a FOOD LION VIRGINIA BEACH KISS it was enough //
    to make her forget that her cake was wet say when she came to he was between her //
    thighs smashing her cream pies juice flies he was going crazy thoughts in her head stir //
    he was jest yelling oh baby boo and stuff she say she couldn't go anywhere she say he //
    broke the backseat getting some she say she didn't know what to do, she say her thing be //
    so splashy and smashy she try pushy him away it didn't work he was jest gitting what //
    was under her skirt OUCH! she said her cake was so greasy told him to take it easy luck //
    was hood he stuck it good she say it hurt so good oh a brown Soul Sista in VIRGINIA //
    BEACH go through a lot yall a cutie fall to a booty call

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