Black Poetry : SHE SAID: he smoked my panties And stroked my candies Oh he was going crazy In my flowing gravy My thing wet like the navy I could have a baby If this

oh he rap fast HIP HOP
That messed up my mind
HE SAID: Aw girl your breasts are fine
Sweaty yellow Korean thighs
Got me seeing skies
Aw girl you got some good stuff
SHE SAID: oh stop you gonna break
The bed, oh he didn’t care
I should’ve hidden somewhere
Ouch! the couch in the living room
And now the bed giving a boom
Had just come from the AUTO ZONE
Had just come from the AUTO ZONE
In VIRGINIA BEACH and now home
Guess I’m a sweet peach when i moan
And groan and plus have a cell phone
Oh I was moving my thing around
The bed making a bang sound
Started to talk off top of my head
Oh these are hot threads
oh a big block Chevy
Make sex hot and heavy
Oh my thighs so open
A boy tell lies and hoping


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