Black Poetry : SHE SAID” got fast lace but like a glass vase it can be broken while a boy is hoping to chase and embrace my waist my lips red hot but not


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID” got fast lace but like a glass vase
it can be broken while a boy is hoping to chase
and embrace my waist my lips red hot but not
in deadlock boys wanna make my bed rock
like FLINT STONE so I went home yall stop!
Have fun with perfume but like a sun-room
I'm glassed in and your task is to spin a tune
on a CD, begin ballistic spin the statistics no
doubt bold but out of control not twisted yo
Now I'm a Philippine Girl in this extreme world
of beauty I hurl booty name maybe Judy pearl
jewelry in all this fury I'm a sweaty female don't
have time for petty details, your thing won't
be nice and hard you not a lifeguard dude
tonight my brain experience fragmentation
because of them flights of imagination
now this is Black Hip Hop devastation
in Virginia Beach a Philippine girl go
through a lot, deal with script and flow
while on a field trip to know and learn
a boy wanted some and thats confirm
SHE SAID “one boy almost knocked
her boots off she was really shocked
he said I was cute and soft at the Virginia
Beach Seven Eleven Kempsville road is out-
front, sex is a complex task but its not about
not my next class, I better run home before
my dress is up and my breasts are sucked
I best duck, oh my panties are wet and tucked
in my purse boys thirst for some his name Chuck”
HE SAID” being a rapper is nice
need a new chapter in my life
hey boo being a sweaty winner
of wine I find out it's already dinner
time, and MAD DOG give me wings
along with bling and other things
my choice has shown on cows
like a farmer got horse-drawn-plows
to break grounds and keep cake around
care about domination
but won't share this conversations
with anyone a plenty was done
from this affair standpoint won
I plan to anoint your body with baby oil
NAW PLAYER” have a true desire to flirt
like a new hire at work
ready to make a start
got cake and smart end up at Walmart
must get going
my coo-chee wet and flowing
set a boy's mind in motion
panties wet enjoy the ocean
cake do help
boys to take steps
so if they wanna kiss go ahead
while her lips glow red
say what they wanna go to bed?
HE SAID” reveal in the club
that he deals with love
I get phat greetings
while at meetings
while my stat defeating
folks with quotes heating
the competition
NAW PLAYER my lips red today
and you wanna make headway
what can I say, oh my panties are
wet in a car get hot be at the bar
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