Black Poetry : SHE SAID” “In the club strut butt and rush to thrill i can crush a pill between two spoons while


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID” “In the club strut butt and rush to thrill
i can crush a pill
between two spoons
while a boy sniff my true perfumes
love stay extreme In my brain
but sometimes flatten by a green subway train
leave club heart in smashed remains
and fake talk cause a false alarm
her cake get tossed in a boy's arms
and now she views his love
he got crews in the club
concern got boobs
now it's my turn to choose
and if boys snooze they lose
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
with facts at the tiptop
and a real tender peach
don't fall far from the tree
boys call me to their car try kiss me
wanna rub my butt softly
and drink a cup of coffee
HE SAID “washed my bandanna
ate a squash banana
wanna tease a girl, write art and feast
after a sharp increase
of knowledge please pass the textbook
time to take a complex look
at pages, fears of a hike in price
got stats on stages I like dice
girl you phat and legal in America
do your boyfriend have an evil character?”
'NAW PLAYER he's a nice guy
just desire a slice of pie
listen to TV get advice and try
get some oh I be so wet
he rub my thighs there go the sweat
I try to leave he say no not yet
need a page of affection
and a stage of directions
just to act this out
pie crust and fact no doubt
my house fill with smoke
Micky mouse start to choke
boyfriend wanna go crazy
toy then pump it and throw gravy
have on panties I bought from OLD NAVY
gonna get breast fed while he yells oh baby
I had a friend worked in the HYATT and shook
one day sitting reading a diet book
and boy came and tried to get some
she say she was so hot down there from
head to toe
her lips a red glow
he wanted to go to bed doe
he smelt her perfume
wanted her to step into a room
he jest kissed her lips in the hallway
wanted to make love and trip all day
pie no doubt she cry out no! he ran away
oh the lips on her thing was so hot and phat
and on top of that a spot on stat
her pudding perk
and she couldn't work
after that just wanna twerk
------THE END-----------------
OK one time couldn't emphasize
just how simple and wise
to shop at a store
HIP HOP galore
in a min-skirt
with plenty flirt
and many boys wanna jerk
up my skirt I yell stop and be alert
so I have wet butter
and yet another
wet biscuit
don't get it twisted
a yellow Soul Sista is ballistic
a red bone head home a statistic
yellow skin tone can't miss it
so she was at WALMART
eating kit kat with a tall cart
to shop a lot
this boy wanna hop on a hot
chick quick,trick her in the drop top
then listening to DOUGIE FRESH beep bop
my body stats soothe
because they flat and smooth
so I strut butt right at crews
looked at my breasts like he will suck
shook at best and still stuck
on my booty and beauty his luck
is a thing of the past
and how long his bling gonna last
and my panties hot messing around
need an insight into
stuff and read tonight menu
roam on the streets of Manhattan
it could be in Greek or Latin
my swagger peek and batting
one hundred wanna be licking
between my leg Rolex be ticking
but what came first the chicken
or the hot egg and you not too
proud to beg like the TEMPTATIONS boo
oh a yellow Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH cant tell a boy to stop
when your thing is too hot to trot and not a thot”
LOOK BOO: “serve words on a romantic platter
glow a lot grow like crops change to organic matter

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