Black Poetry : SHE SAID” “In the club strut butt and rush to thrill i can crush a pill between Two spoons while a b


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID” “In the club strut butt and rush to thrill i can crush a pill between
Two spoons while a boy sniff my true perfumes love stay extreme
In my brain but sometimes flatten by a green subway train leave
Smashed remains of a Ford Bronco, a head on collision did squeeze
The bumper, HE SAID “washed my bandana ate a squash banana wanna tease
A girl, write art and feast after a sharp increase of knowledge please
Pass the textbook time to take a complex look at pages, fears
Of a hike in price i like dice but not the expensive ones this clears
My way to choose stuff what’s on the news don’t add up and my
Mad luck blow up and grow corrupt in my brain that’s no lie
Got butter in my smile walk another mile up a steep trail and
Find a sweet female get an affair online in my spare time plan
For a date, this could be a wet romance in sweatpants and yet
Have a chance of falling in love while balling at a club a sure bet
Turned walked a few paces founded true laces and a few faces to
Stare at I’m aware of that so boo give me a chance to live romance you
Fine girl” “NAW PLAYER in a brittle romance there's little chance that
A marriage will occur oh how savage we were thinking it will tilt hat
I built that fun no doubt flirting some but face an uncertain outcome
Waited a few minutes and knew a boy wanted to go up in it he from
The city my body the main attraction strut butt cause a chain reaction
Silly and crazy the possibility baby you maybe turned down just a fraction
Of it, one phat kiss I’m at risk of getting hot letting a lot of tongue escape
You sprung and want cake, roses a sure bet they poses a pure threat make
A girl hot and the world stop on a dime need a plot design to help me keep
My thighs closed

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