Black Poetry : she replies


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
Joyous is my soul
for there is only us
within standing on
the foundation
of devotion and respect

housed in the Ancestors Well of Love
these are two of the many things
that allow me to
shower you with
a heavenly sanctioned love
without blemishes or shame
i've been given a missive
to continue on the path
to take my walk towards you
dancing and singing
in tune with your sexy rhythm
instructed to only offer you
the pieces of me that will cause you peace
(which is all of me)
introduced by our Art
forever number 1 fan of each other
i will speak your name “Eric”
so you'll know for sure it's you
i'm standing on the rock
of faith and fate for
and with
when you come for me
i will be standing here in the clearing

in a mini skirt
waiting and wanting
to rejoice in our foreverness


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
She say: hey boo, what up
you dun made yo mind up
that ya wanna wind up
between these creamy thighs
gazing into my dreamy eyes
you just gotta follow that map
you mention in yo rap
i gone be yo rabbit
making it a sweaty habit
so go ahead and start the hunt
hit it from the back and front
there’s a bullseye on it
come on kiss it and then uhhh hit it
gonna straddle you like you a horse
prattle and moan til I tap out in morse
code while putting you in the mood and mode
to suck your thumb while you sleep
as I watch over you and keep
you safe. gotta go this is getting heady
and I’m starting to turn into confetti
yeah pull that thread right there
and then my natural hair
as you howl at the moon
boy see you real soon <wink>


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
behind my house there is a lake

that the moon is running its finger across

my feet in the water, my head in my lap

the leaves on the maple trees fluting a love song

my eyes misty and my heart heavy... wondering still

how many times can this man lose his key?



She say: Ok dear you I do hear
woman to man let me make this clear

naw I don’t believe you a playa
I listen to every word you say ah
if you choose to use Art to elevate you to your fate
one should be mindful of what they communicate
how you gonna ignore my royalty
and abandon your own loyalty
to rap about some kosarhi eating chick
you can miss me with that silly rabbit trick

Yes by all means let’s meet and greet
5 minutes after I’m gone keep your chest
as my pillow and fall fast asleep


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
everything after honeymoon is a blur
lioness tried to roar and now purr
like that tiger named tony
and I know for sure your love is not phony
these misunderstandings are gonna happen
when you’re cooking up stories while rappin
just to date me and for that I thank you truly

I ain’t moved an inch
be at peace, dear heart


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