Black Poetry : SHE QUEEFED

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    This is another K-JiO original. To read the uncensored version go to




    This episode starts with me and her communing in our private time
    Doing everything reminiscent of erotic rhyme
    On - and in - her I pushed certain buttons, and she in turn pushed some of mine
    Under a familiar influence, stronger than the strongest wine
    Foreplay before we lay down to really play in the sheets
    And come together in a place where man and woman are meant to meet
    To complete, not in a competition of dominance, or even to see who can outlast who
    But as a team, doing the things that get us winded and makes us stew like ‘roux’
    The twain becomes one flesh as we merge as one vessel
    As we couple in a penile-vaginal union stirring up something special
    I penetrate a waiting – hungry twat, yearning for insertion
    She received me with a tight ***** that welcomed erectile immersion
    With a motion brewing … and a rhythm stirred
    Moving closer to climactic feelings preferred
    In the process of working out our ‘differences’ I heard something not beyond belief
    It just took me by surprise when at that moment I heard her queef

    She queefed, and it wasn’t something from which my mind departed
    It’s just that I was just a little caught off guard when her coochie farted
    She stopped for a moment, with wide open eyes
    And in the process of excusing herself I said “no need to apologize”
    Enjoying the treasured playgrounds of her vaginal labial loot
    To make mention of something different heard would be quite moot
    And where there was no argument, there was nothing to refute
    When I calmed her embarrassment, I told her that the queef was kind of cute
    Assuring her that the sound she made fit right in
    Her eyes lit up and she gave me this goofy girly grin
    She blushed before rubbing my shoulders and kissing my neck
    Moving her hips slowing causing our concupiscent actions to resurrect
    Feeling at ease, she eases back into a groove -
    That get’s both our motors running, causing us both to really move -
    Warming up to a climax that we’d remember for a while
    And in the back of our minds, the sounds of a queef that would make us smile

    She queefed again, but this time without an ounce of grief
    Postured with me on top, and her underneath
    She wore a guilty grin … with nothing said
    Without breaking stride, I moved my face to hers and kissed her forehead
    Her grin turned into a smile as her actions got bolder
    As she positioned her hands to grab my arms, and then my shoulders
    She put her knees to her chest with no duress with actions hot like burning coal
    Giving me deeper access to her ***** and a chance to touch her soul
    Pinned to the bed surrendering to actions to which she concedes
    Compelling my hips and *** to move at varying speeds
    ******* to reach a mutual satisfaction we both need
    I begin to feel the climatic spasms that are precursors to releasing my seed
    Hoping beyond hope that she cums first, and thankfully she did
    And with the excitement of her orgasms I cum, with no emotion hid
    Charged with erogeny, I’m still stiff and strong amidst a dull din
    And when she queefs yet another time, I kiss her forehead again

    She queefed once more, and though not as elegant as tea in china
    Two sets of ears heard air being forced from her vagina -
    Amidst the sounds of sexual involvement – the grunts and the groans
    It was interesting to hear a twat make sounds of its own
    When it first happened, the looks on our faces were that out being confused
    But as it kept happening, it kept us amazingly amused
    This audible curiosity was one that we both perused
    Examining every instance of the ‘coochie fart’, with none standing accused
    For a moment I was just ******* just to hear this curious sound
    With a look of seriousness on my face as if to say I wasn’t playing around
    With every thrust that incited such a sound, my curiosity grows
    With a blurt that sounds like the passing of gas, or someone blowing their nose
    At some point it happens consecutively and there’s a moment of humor that we have
    And it becomes so funny that we both stop have a laugh
    Laying next to each other, laughing for a few minutes, easy
    Obviously her queefing hit a funny spot refreshing like soft wind, cool and breezy

    She queefed, and when she did action neither slipped nor slackened
    Matter of fact, when she did it, we went on as if nothing happened
    Moving along with the same rhythm and feeling the same heat
    ******* each other with a certain desperation, without missing a beat
    I’m into her entrance as if I were salt in the sea
    And as physically as I’m into her, she’s personally into me
    Giving me as much of her as I can handle, as I give her me in return
    Given to reciprocal ecstasy and the very things that causes us to yearn
    Baby making melody playing in the background sounds sweet
    Music to sweat and have sex to as we stain the top of the sheet
    We meet in the middle and fiddle around in an exploratory manner
    Brining each other to orgasmic ‘bass’ and ejaculatory clamor
    Music and lovemaking combined to make for an experience to remember
    Keeping us warm during the cold nights in the twilight of December
    Rounding out the audibles with a queef, despite any frowned faced rumors
    That just adds to the mood, a little levity and humor

    She queefed, and when she did it this time she closed her eyes
    Moved her hips with a new bold rhythm and began to stylize
    Putting her back and *** into sweeping motions as she appeared to be lunging free
    And flipped the script – it went from me ******* her, to her ******* me
    She said “Don’t move”, as she danced to a groove all her own
    Moving into me in a way that was very sexy, and very grown
    In a manner that no one can replicate, copy nor clone
    With her head turned to the side, she was in her own little zone
    She pushed her ***** on me which made for a nice slip and slide
    Making a statement along the way saying “I love the way you feel inside”
    Holding on to my arms without breaking her stride
    This was her pony, she was driving, and I was enjoying the ride
    Air passed from her ***** a few more times since then
    With blended and open ended ecstasy that erotic ears could comprehend
    And when she felt the oncoming of urgencies that would lead to cum stains
    In exclaim she said “**** me baby!” and I took over the reigns

    She queefed once more, and she did it with poise
    And by this time we’d grown accustom to her *****, making noise
    Air pushing past pouty labium … in excess
    It was yet another sound of us enjoying having sex
    Amidst the obscenities and the dirty talk that proved to be the norm
    Along with the calls and counter calls to which we maneuvered to conform
    And the other things heard in our hearing of which we’d both endorse
    The humorous sound of a farting ***** rounded out the accents of intercourse
    Two bodies slapping - clapping in the heat of a moment ever so seething
    Accompanied by the sounds of sighs, hissing, and heavy breathing
    Jarred by the sound of creaking bed springs as the bed rattled with our resonance
    And sounds of “**** Daddy!”, “**** Me!”, and “Oh ****!” heard in our residence
    Paying significant reverence and homage to these bodies that God created
    Pushing each other to satisfaction to ensure we’re both satiated
    … Ingratiated to the sounds of love making, superb
    And to give a twist to the experience, her coochie queefed a blurb

    As natural as is on shallow ocean bottoms to contain coral reefs
    It became a natural occurrence to her my baby queef
    And when she did, she rid herself of sexual tension as time ticked on
    And like two who had answers to a test, there was no way we could’ve went wrong
    Like a song sung to the lyrics that had a clever wit
    And her fingers moving to a mashed and moistened ****
    Preparing for another spastic ecstatic orgasmic episode
    She queefed yet again before her twat was to explode
    An ‘acustomed’ sound to us by now, as familiar as the blue tint of the sky
    While we bumped and ground each other she looked me in my eye
    And said “Keep your dick in me and make me scream”
    I obliged her, and like a dairy farmer with my rod I was churning ‘butter cream’
    I came at the same time she did spastically yet painlessly
    Our spirits were one as we came simultaneously
    And before we laid in each others embrace concluding this erotic rhyme
    My baby queefed for me, passing air from her coochie, one last eim

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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    At first, I was scratching my head at what "queefed" meant but you explained it quite well!

    Very DETAILED erotica here! You know how to tell a story!
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    BURNNING FIRE up in here ..........RED ALERT ecrotica
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    tyte poem. i havent heard that term in :)