Black Poetry : She Made strong use of a phone booth when they were here now all cell phones its clear I'm home with a choice hear it in my tone of voice my panties


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May 11, 2006
She Made strong use
of a phone booth
when they were here
now all cell phones its clear
I'm home with a choice
hear it in my tone of voice
my panties on and they moist
boys talk trash and go loco
and like a flash photo
their snap shot is to rap hot
one boy had this PUERTO RICAN girl
just freaking in a world
of sex, now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH at the tip top
they reach on the beach for panties
“AW girl you a plain cutie
and got a Spain booty
so its round by the pound
so come and sit down
in my lap
lets begin a rap
session you can learn a lesson
from this now give me some kiss”
“NAW PLAYER I think you wanna twist
my head and apparatus to bed status
everything seem right
but can't give you the green-light
“A BOY bought me a rose I was shook
really is a closed book
as to what he want, look
he may want some
“but wow don't come
playing around its dumb
to fake, jest keep your thumb
up a girl may see you”
HE SAID “don't leave stay boo
my plan is wise and will tranquilize
a girl leave her with a kiss and pies
in society keen on love
anxiety by means of the club
this kiss can end a temper tantrum
got me speaking sick online
I see your lips are great
and I'm ready to reciprocate
the favor with my behavior
by giving you kiss that is major
SHE SAID “oh a Puerto Rician girl go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH they do
get hot a lot and boys will play you
have to duck sometime
when boys come with dumb line
talking bed stuff, said enough
when they ask for some
now I have hidden pie
and like a written reply
boys respond and try
to get some and cry
tears and for years I
duck, a dancer as well
its time to answer the doorbell
a boy stood there that enjoy the hood
wearing bling is a daring thing he would
know my cake is fine
so boys create and design
word to make me hot all the time
their imagination
cause fragmentation
in my brain can't think straight
and I got pink cake
dominant with style
I give a compliment with a smile
your plan clever
but we can never
have sex that is not my endeavor
get me on a date take forever
and any way got a plenty to say
like why you come here today?”
HE SAID “Well I need cake and breasts
and I'm here to make progress
legit pie is my desire
so lets sit by the fire
thirst and stay correct
like my first paycheck
trouble seem to perk
oh he grabbed her waist
and kissed her lips to taste
her lipstick oh he wanted lace
he jest got her tongue right
at the door a kiss can ignite
emotions especially at night
he jest closed the door
as flows jest soar
from his lips
not one dumb script
he got her tongue
they both were sprung
she was jest moving her
he shook his head
and took her to bed
girl don't move your thing like that
gonna make me tear up the pillows

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