Black Poetry : She Loves Hip Hop

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    She drinks an ensure after a regular coffee with buttered roll
    Just to make sure she is a bit full.
    Then she lights her morning blunt or cigarette which ever she prefers
    She's takes her time when deciding what she should wear
    She takes time to make sure her hair and nails are looking real tight
    It's Friday morning and she can't wait till tonight
    It doesn't take her long to make her look just right cuz she's hellafine…
    She's tall and danseuse slim…every man wants to be close to her but she loves him.
    And he???
    He is Music street name Hip-Hop
    She’s loved him for years non-stop…
    From the day her daddy bought her first boom-box
    She lives her life strong
    Her love for Hip Hop spawned
    Her first child
    She walks the streets with her iPod and a smile
    From Paris to Boogie Down she is always a Queen
    Nice when she wants to be…
    Yet don't get on her bad side
    Cuz the words from her mouth she will justify
    Hurling verbal assaults as she exposes lies
    Cuz what you didn't recognize is she's a seer
    Seeing into the depths of souls
    While she rips holes
    In your heart soul and psyche
    Eliminating all hype that you may think you can bring
    And still she strikes you a pose like a Queen majestic and true
    You must be of quality caliber if you plan to step into
    Her world…Her world…
    Her world unfolds Purple mountains
    African Violet gardens
    Like a Clear diamond reflects light in her eyes
    She's the surprise ending in a mystery thriller
    Voice sexy, beauty to die or kill for
    She's that superwoman republican that constantly is on the road to change
    Her life she can neatly arrange within the walls of her space
    She's drop dead in Leather, silk, or lace
    Yet these aren't the only sides of her
    Her love for Music has increased and expanded…
    When she wants to be slow and sexy she listens to R&B
    All who truly know her know that she's grown with music as her true OG