Black People : She/he broke my heart -Why do we blame the heart vice the mind?

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    The Heart is commonly accepted to be the body organ that pump the life through our body, it is that we refer to as the Mind that become disappointed with our action.

    Again, are we fearful of our mind? Why don't we deal with the mind? Is it easy to blame the heart for what the mind do? Is it the mind that is broken/crack, and not the heart. Is this what happens when we give another a grip over our minds? SPELL

    We have heard many say to many others. "I have a special places in my heart for you", or, "You will always be in my heart". Does this mean that the person is saying, I am not thinking about you, because they have added others in their :hearts1: hearts and not minds? It is like when some people say they will pray for another, go on their merry way and do not.

    If all the people we have said this too is in our hearts,:hearts1: shouldn't we have had heart attacks by now, because that is a lot of people in one heart.:heart:

    If the heart could hold all these people, is our Hearts Pure enough, and is the people we call ourselves having in our hearts Pure enough (Purel-Mind) to be added in our heart.

    Is there any distortion in this kind of thinking?

    I am still learning:baby: Please help me under stand/over stand US.
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