Black Poetry : She flirted around town and blurted out a sound soft spoken so I'm off and hoping for some, she be on a ranch and heard a tree branch crack then an


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May 11, 2006
She flirted around town
and blurted out a sound
soft spoken
so I'm off and hoping
for some, she be
on a ranch and heard a tree
branch crack
then an avalanche attack
in the form of kisses
and a storm of reminisces
follows that she couldn't ignore
have the key to the shed
while your lips are red
girl you equip for the bed
in every sense
these are very dense
flow galore
and it go ashore
like ships on crack
as her lips are attack
by kisses in a Cadillac
strong talk
could lead to a long walk
on the sands of VIRGINIA BEACH
so even from KENYA he can reach
your panties he write plenty lines
in love letters many times
girl this is all real
like a small meal
its French Fries
want every inch of your pies
oh he sit on the bench and tries
for a date and lies great
to get there, she's the hot type
and not ripe like green fruit
but she's a queen and cute
one time she sit in a boy's lap
and that's when he git to rap
she's in a mini-skirt, bra
and panties eat at WAWA
and now in a boy's car not far
from home he come strong
with the rap try pull a ton
of chicks and that full of fun
quick, look in her eyes
jest shook over her pies
his car has leather seats
and she forever sweet
ready to scream and cream
she has a team to lean
on,” LOOK PLAYER my time
matter I'll climb
a ladder just to
shatter a tree top boo
this BLACK HIP HOP is overdue
my facts rip shop and crew
but you wanna suck my breasts
and push up my dress
I be too weak to escape
and then you get sweet cake
after a VIRGINIA BEACH kiss
oh FILLIPINO girls go through
with beauty I try rule
right here in high school
teacher at the chalk board
buy wanna walk me to his ford
I'm dressed n mini-skirt bra
and panties and really so far
nothing happen just a lot of hot
rapping, by his tone of voice
was ready to make a strong choice
my Philippine panties hot and moist
we sit at the desk
he looked at my legit breasts
and to do some homework
I'm known to be alert
pull my pleated skirt down
we was in a math class
he was on a sex path fast
when the teacher turned her back
and was concerned about the facts
he rub my thighs
and loved my eyes
one time he kissed my lips
told me I had brisk hips
“LOOK BOO we in high-school
and your pie is cool
you walk and throw butt
and boys eyes about to blow up
they all want your do-nut
and it's Krispy Kreme for real
it's a risky scheme to deal
with a classroom goon that
want sex, don't text him at
home like the STAPLE SINGERS
“let me take you there” swingers
of love exist and wanna hug and
kiss your lips, your FILLIPINO plan
involve thighs and pies so soft
can't take my eyes off
you girl” oh he wanted some
bad, I have lace and pie crust
and a guy will place trust
in me for sex reasons
and now a complex season
for dating oh he rub my thighs
in the classroom love flies
with wings as his lies
cling to my ears denies
he have a girlfriend
this is a whirl wind
of lies for my pies
I don't want to fool around
on school ground


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