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    Son’s weight gain inspires mom’s 120 lb. loss

    When her son packed on 40 pounds during his freshmen year, Stacy Allendorf  -- at 288-pounds -- knew he was in danger of following in her footsteps. Find out how the newest Joy Fit Club member lost the weight and inspired her family to adopt a...

    28-year-old NaAja Thomas, from Atlanta Ga., lost 202 pounds and now weighs in at 165 lbs. Thomas has a long history of body issues, having struggled with her weight since she was just six-years old. Because she was so young, Thomas wasn’t aware of it since she had a happy childhood, with friends who always made her feel included.

    “I didn’t begin to think of it until I was almost at my highest weight, when I heard someone in a store call me fat,” Thomas explains. “I ignored it but I heard them and never forgot it.”

    Soon enough, Thomas began to suffer from back pain and other weight-related ailments. “I felt bad so I would eat to feel better or try a new hairstyle to make me feel good.” Thomas focused on her face because her body had become a distressing issue she just didn’t want to think about. The result, unfortunately, was that Thomas let her dreams, including her passion for the arts, slowly fade.

    “I grew up dancing and singing but I begin to let those dreams fade because you didn’t see people my size getting record deals or becoming professional dancers. I was worried about going back to school as an adult because I couldn’t fit under a desk.”
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    i believe that our weight issues, like many other problems we have, comes from a lack of education.