Quiet Poetry Lounge : SHE CAME 2 ME WHILE I SLEEP...


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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
time shine while i sleep
her soul enter mines deep
I so dreameth of her face
inside my slumber of secret place
I saw her beautiful slanted eyez
chocolate cherry smile arise

She walked inside my sleep
saftly my soul to keep
spoken softly on rapid tone
then a little sexy moan
i had no clue to who she was
or was it my gift from above
but i know it was love

I called out as she fade
looking back upon da dayz
now i wonder was it you??
that has enter my slumber of truth
that has my spirit into you
and my mind lost in da blue '
knowing my heart really need you
yet i'm lost without a clue '

She came to me while i sleep
got my body & knees so weak
pose an essence great and meek
and a lingering aroma so sweet
was it you , tell me now
while my heart is on this cloud
da image of you was an angel
to my heart you not a stranger

Then i can let it go
tell you what my love bestowed
only for the Queen of my dreamz
the face my sleepin mind has seen '
she came to me while i sleep...:boring:


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Thank you watz.......most humble sister.

Thank you Miss Lady that's the beauty of it all to change up and bring it on different levels...much love sis

That could be true , but whomever it was had me in deep and feeling the grace of there touch
beyond touching I humble thank you dearly sistah Soulosophy

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