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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles

She started at a period, with a certain repulsion abatement
She had the quality of timeless beauty that on its own, made a statement
With an occular attraction tied to a living, breathing, walking display
And at times I want to stop staring but I just can't look away
Her features were striking, feminine and delicate
With a mix of virtue and beauty that goes together like a subject and a predicate
Predicated on virtuous tendencies with a good nature no one doubt
Which makes her truly beautiful, both inside and out

She took it to a level of exclamation that far exceeded mere snickerings and chuckles
She had me saying "Oh my God!" ... and had me biting my knuckles
I was stuck on stupid momentarily, verily pinned to alter who's adjoint
Because the stare she gave me was punctuated with an exclamation point
My heart raced a little bit as we conversed with intentional glances
Moving closer toward each other taking conventional chances
Chances that turn to certainty, certainly leading to where relations spark
Moving to places where periods are replaced by exclamation marks

We ended up in a place of interrogation that was potentially provocative
A place without shame, where the statements were interrogative
Peppered with question marks, we danced around curiosities that were the same
And this tango of sorts started with the asking of her name
She told me hers -- with a measured flirtation -- then I told her mine
We went on to ask questions of each other, with curiosities aligned
And it all combined to make for bouts of conversation and confessions
Making for a very interesting question and answer session

We took to separating words and independent clauses with precious moment s that were stolen
Lacing our words with commas, colon and semi-colons
Emboldened with a familiarity that comes with the passing of time
We talked; we shared; we flirted -- spending the moments contributing to this rhyme
She was indeed A Visual Confection: Sugar to the Eye
I told her my favorite colors: black, forest--green and blue, the color of the skies
It was a moment un-negated by the loss of intrigue
However, it was punctuated with a thought that she was out of my league

She brought me to ellipsis ... just because
There was a moment when all I could do was pause
At a loss for words time and again as breaks in the conversation would reveal
And once resumed I confessed to her that her beauty was surreal
The palm of her hand rested on the back of mine, not meant as a grand gesture
But it was meant to convey in its touch ... a conjecture
An unsaid statement that spoke louder than the words of inlaid debts
Echoed by the words from her lips as she said "I'm as real as it gets"

She brought me to ellipsis ... more often than not
A place where the written words of this rhyme is replied with dot dot dot
Etcetera Etcetera ... so forth and so on
My shyness was tugging at me to stop, but she encouraged me to go on
She found me as intriguing as I found her, which was a point that wasn't moot
My shyness and inhibition ... she found it kind of cute
And at it's root she saw a sincerity that was genuine, to its core
No ulterior motives, no hidden hands, nothing hidden behind closed doors

She had me looking crazy ... because she brought me to ellipsis
With a beauty so stunning ... and a confidence, sure and shiftless
I was brought to a pause not because of outward aesthetic concessions
But because of a revelation brought about by an honest confession
From her mouth to my ear,like the accents of glass and bevel
She confessed to not being worthy of me because she wasn't on my level
And I had to reassure her that any level that I've attained
She would be the perfect accent to my standards ... a highlight to what I've gained

She brought me to ellipsis ... I say this without placing blame
She brought me to a pause when she told me I brought her to the same
And there was a moment of silence ... though no one died
We spoke with our eyes for a moment with eyes open wide
Awe struck and dumbfounded ... yet so high on glee, it was meteoric
Awe Shucks ... I felt like a school boy I was feeling so euphoric
She brought me out of my shell in a manner that left no one listless
And she brought me to a punctuation ... and left me at ellipsis

Written by: K. Charles
(c) 2011


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May 30, 2005
In Tha Bottom! Deeeep South
You turned the period into an eclipse with this work. The piece represents the function of a period in every way. How she made you pause how she brought you to a level of excitement with exclamation and then a sudden end. But as we know endings are always new beginnings! Well written...!

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