Black Poetry : She Ask Me...

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    We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles? But there will always be a “lie” in believe an “over” in lover. An “end” in friends and a “us” in trust…. Most of all there will always be an “if” in life. So speak the truth even if your voice shakes. I have no tom, no novel or grand story to lay upon your skin. I have only these simple wishes, one: that these words become my hands… and two: that this ink is permanent. And three: that two wishes are enough.

    She asked me was I ready…
    And I took the deepest breath cause I knew what she was speaking of
    I am damaged, because I come from that head on collision that you see on the highway
    Where the wreckage is so horrific you look the other way
    I am the supplement of broken pieces’ that was made of clay
    And some days I wear my depression like a nice wool coat
    And people see it and ask me if I’m okay but I can’t get the words pass the lump in my throat
    And my eyelids can’t hold back the levy that Katrina waged against it
    And I feel my prayer for strength sometimes weren’t heard even though I barely made it
    It’s the worst feeling to bear witness as your own heart is being broke
    I remember collapsing, clinching my chest as if I was having a stroke
    And I cry cause my heart cannot find the words describe to how it feels
    And most days I can’t stop making mountains out of molehills

    So she asked me was I ready…
    And my heart replied: She doesn’t quite understand how deep my love goes, that words haven’t been invented that can describe the feeling that grows inside of me. To love with no bounds and feel completely free, and how I can scribe love poems on the bathroom stalls, and leave post it notes all over the hallway walls just to say I love you in different ways.

    And so she asked me was I ready
    And I managed to get out a reply while keeping my voice steady
    Yes… because I don’t believe in an afterlife that will excuse me from the responsibility of doing something beautiful with my life.
    And off all the feeling in this world, love is the best
    So I choose love even if it’s one failure after the next
    I will fail and fail again because there is value in trying
    Cause if you haven’t noticed were all dying and time is just flying
    So yes I’m ready to try and give it my best shot
    Cause to be completely honest, it’s all I got

    If I could put myself inside of a kaleidoscope and tell you to look right through me, you would see my red painted ribs every time I said your name out loud. And I love you enough to steal stars for you but I swear, I’ll keep it nestled in my knuckles, held right against my collarbone until you’re ready to come home. And your heart will become a dusty piano in the basement of a church and I’ll will play you when no one is looking. Now you understand why it’s called an organ.