Black Poetry : She as a KOREAN GIRL cute She met an absolute yuppie And like a cute puppy He will bark And still start An affair they at WALMART And outside it’s all


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May 11, 2006
She as a KOREAN GIRL cute.
She met an absolute yuppie.
And like a cute puppy
He will bark.
And still start.
An affair they at WALMART
And outside it’s all dark
That’s when they look for a date.
She saw another girl with shook cake.
Oh she gave a boy some tongue.
Oh he craved for some so sprung.
Thought he was gonna come with a rose.
But at the end of the chapter.
Saw chick in a mini skirt.
Throwing booty plenty flirt
This stuff like trees with leaves
Words dance in the wind.
While absurd romance spin
Girl’s brain so he came to lend.
Some Knowledge to chick
From a college built with bricks
She speaks enjoy the town.
But some freak boys around
she hopes they keep the noise down.
she hope they keep the noise down.
Oh, she may jest duck.
Or get her breasts sucked.
Oh, KOREAN GIRLS go through.
A lot in VIRGINIA BEACH they do
Get hot a lot and their panties are red.
Be in a boy’s car and misled.
She desires to flirt today.
And like a firework display
She lights the sky.
And tonight, boys want pie
Oh, she tries escape the crazy drama.


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