Black Poetry : She’s a REDBONE a yellow SOUL SISTA with that mellow Light skin and that excite men And tonight begin a new frontier he saw her said boo come here She

Oh, he wouldn’t dare to do that.
Even though they are true and phat.
Oh, her cochee stable and pink.
But she’s unable to think.
With clarity she’s on the brink
Of falling in love again
Oh, in the club she can’t win.
Energetic and wild
And like a pathetic smile
Can’t figure him out.
Plus, he raps bigger clout.
And like JIGGA he’s about
And like JIGGA he’s about.
To BLUEPRINT this on route
To the studio, your thing pink
No doubt true and he think.
about you, with regard to sex
So it’s really hard and complex.
Not to you hot boo, she looked.
About the car was kinda shook
She had a plan and alert.
But he put his hand under her skirt.
Aw girl you got phat lips.
On your coochee the stats flip
With a boy, his flow begs for stats.
And cats wanna throw eggs at
That so boo you a queen it seems.
Your words dance in the wind.
While romance just spin
Our brain so gone and grin.
And then kiss his lips win.
A prize after he get some pies.
Dress in silk and stay alone.
Pick up milk on the way home.
Met a boy in the process.
He looked at her wet breasts.
He looked at her wet breasts.
And wanted some and suggest.
She kisses his lips on the spot.
Oh, her hips and coochee hot.
He jest put his hand under her dress.
She really stuns.
He started to have fun.
Oh, juice jest splashed.
Her breasts were his task.
Aw girl you got some soft lips.
On your thing and some boss hips
The juice splash fast her mind trips


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