Black Poetry : She’s a REDBONE a yellow SOUL SISTA and every fellow Wanna kiss her lips fast Shake her hips when she pass Her light skin Really excite men Her skin t

She was moving her thing around
And up and down it was cake by the pound
And boys sure know how to hound
She survive on the street
And now arrive to eat
She hear jive that’ll sweep
A girl off her feet
VIRGINIA nipples on her breasts unique
Having pie is a frequent part.
He’s a decent guy by heart.
Would love to go home today.
Would love to go home today
This boy raps rub me the wrong way
And now a song play
On the CD a slow jam
Really need a program
To escape, so boo he’s impressed
With your breasts and need access
He just put his hand under her dress.
And really kissed her lips and suggest.
A date, rigorous and romantic
Is like ridiculous antics.
Walked away in disgust.
Talk all day no trust.


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