Black Poetry : She’s a PUERTO RICAN CHICK Inside her panties leaking a bit He survived a love crash Now in club and smash He fell in love too fast Did some clever fl

Oh she left her panties on the couch.
He stuck it in there and she said ouch!
Oh, the juice just splashed.
It must have hit the dash.
She says he went nuts fast.
Can’t believe what is untrue.
Oh, let's have some fun boo.
His slick rap took her for a ride.
She quick with map inside
His car, aw girl you got wet stuff.
Oh, he gets to huff and puff.
A lot she say stop got to pee.
A lot she say stop got to pee.
coochee hot she couldn’t see.
Oh, he splashes juice like kids in a pool.
Guess his words did rule.
oh, he wanted some you know men.
But this must come to an end.
Aw girl you some good stuff.
She started to moan and groan.
And say stuff that was strong.
Oh, a girl’s breasts are strange.
When having a process of change
Oh, perfume is romantic.
It’s booty overtime punch.
The clock she’s shock a bunch.
Her phat panties tossed to the birds.
And she’s at a loss for words.
Like a book without pages
And girl your lips a boss red
And now he’s soft in the head.
So, girl love him tender.
It’s a club splendor.
That dazed his mind.
Girl, he’s amazed you so fine.
He flows for luck and cake.


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