Black Poetry : She’s a PUERTO RICAN chick Her panties leaking thick Juice and boys try trick Her she don’t listen But they be kissing One boy got her tongue He was


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May 11, 2006
She’s a PUERTO RICAN chick.
Her panties leaking thick.
Juice and boys try trick.
Her she don’t listen.
But they be kissing.
One boy got her tongue.
He was very sprung.
And asked her for some.
She pulled up her panties and ran.
He almost got some a close call.
He bought her a rose and all.
Consider men.
Will rap to the bitter end.
In hopes panties will fly
They want candies and pie.
It’s romance and then.
A chance to win.
Boys be hooked.
And she enjoys books.
Being wet true and cool
Is how a girl get through school.
Boys really try for dates.
Want pie and cakes.
True no doubt on VIRGINIA BEACH
That throughout his speech
He needed brisk chick.
That he can kiss quick
Even at such a young age
Boys be sprung and amazed.
At her good English
She could distinguish.
The difference between call
Of birds plus she a queen yall
Her red dress
Leave boys head in a mess.
They’re misled by her breasts.
Be really freaking in worlds.
Their panties do get wet and hot.
It’s actually a threat to stop.
And talk with boys they may try.
For some pie her dress is down
The nipples on her breasts are round.
Aw girl hop in let's go to town.
He wanna fiddle with her world
She’s not a little girl.
He wears hood bandanas.
But have good manners.
Boys could go bananas.
This is a hot crisis.
And like stock prices
It rises and fall.
Need some pies yall
She’s in a mini skirt, bra.
And panties in his car
Oh, they didn’t get far.
he just pulled off the road.
With soft load
Of kisses to be delivered
In her panties a true river
She had the wind on her wings.
For him then it’s bling
He just kissed her lips.
Reminisce and really flips.
A verse he thirsts to unzip.
And let it rip aw girl you.
You got some sweaty thighs.
He in here
Like an engineer
he wants to accelerate her train.
And devastate her brain.
With love talk he just
Put his hand under her dress.
Aw girl you got them sweaty thighs.
And now confetti in the skies
Oh, he just kissed her lips.
Aw girl he has to come to grips.
No way he can use dumb scripts.
At a time like this and from drips
Her panties were real wet and soaked.
Oh, messing around with sex get dope.
She started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, sunshine fresh air.
Fun time in the best affair
Oh test often.
Make breasts soften.
Loud talking
And proud walking
In a crowd boys stalking
A chick, oh being lazy.
Is really seeing crazy.
In a community of devastation
There’s an opportunity for education.
Oh slow dance could lead to romance.
But no chance of being married.
But we fleeing to JARED.
And putting a ring on it
She saved her stamina.
But gave her camera.
To a boy while kissing
She has the greatest flirt.
From her latest work
Like an author
All type of proper
Stuff starts to happen
In the park while rapping
He said: he begins to holler at hips
And possibly win a scholarship
Go ride in the car.
Provide drinks at the bar.
Collide thinks of the cha
So boo your Hips be Hopping.
Mind trips tired of shopping
She prevails as a female.
And like a retail sale
Boys try buy her love.
She all flirt in lace
And like a small workplace
Boys get involved with a job.
Try come to her doorknob.
He rhymes by choice.
His words do find a voice.
In the beauty shop
That’s a a cutie is hot.
Hot off the press
Boys stop her soft breasts.
Are poking and he’s hoping.
To be stroking
She will flee if he’s joking.
Oh, her body be smoking.
A strong female
Wow on the trail.
To find a boyfriend
It’s time to enjoy the wind.
Oh, she just took off.



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