Black Poetry : She’s a CHINESE GIRL she try please the world. She takes sweet showers. Be in the street for hours. Boy comes with unique flowers. That complete and p


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May 11, 2006
she try please the world.
She takes sweet showers.
Be in the street for hours.
Boy comes with unique flowers.
That complete and powers.
Her nose her breast are twin towers.
Ready to blow up.
If a boy gets her doughnut
She has proper pie and lace.
Boys wanna occupy her place.
And come with love talk and chase.
Her panties hoping to get some.
Pies are true in an affair.
And panties flies through the air
Like birds on crack
And these words are fact.
Plan is to fracture minds.
When he manufactures rhymes
He belongs to a crew team.
And have a true scheme.
And now have new steam
In her panties really supreme
She’s a hot chick.
With chopsticks
And boys will hop quick.
To try knock the boots.
Of them hot cutes
He had a terrific past.
But now on a specific task
To date a chick
And get cake quick.
He has the greatest status.
And the latest apparatus
To perform in bed, she possess.
Breasts and a keen insight blessed.
With lips and hips to grip
Cake is a treasure when.
A boy take pleasure in
TV’S AND DVD’S and then
This could blaze a town.
Bring praise and renown.
Oh, a CHINESE GIRL go through.
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH but do
Get hot a lot and boys plot true.
To trap one,
see through gown like a glass vase.
Be true walk around want fast lace.
Riding and passed a place.
They can drink wine.
And think for a time.
Be on the brink online.
To ask for a date
His task is cake.
And introduction is a gamble.
And like a corruption scandal
Stand to resign my rhyme.
And girl your behind is fine.
Like cat hair
His stats don’t compare.
To others these butter melt
Like margarine
And in the garage seen
A chick he wanted some bad
Blazed with production.
And amazed at the destruction.
One kiss can cause.
Reminisce and pause.
Girls think pink.
Give them a wink.
Hope to be on the brink.
Of sex feel me.
So, chopsticks and rice
A hot chick and nice
Skin so yellow and mellow
So, hello need some jello
He’s the right fellow.
For you boo
Oh, she came with pie and luck.
And like a chain of supply trucks
Came with loads of love.
She has a code in the club.
When her dress is down
And her breasts nipples round
His thinking brain caught.
Up in his chain of thought
These facts revealed.
And like track and field
The athletes
Path is complete.
She at a plain bar
And like a train car
Resting on tracks
And finessing the facts
But one boy wants her panties.
And stuff and sweet candies
Look boo we in the bar.
Music a true fa-la-la
Her pie is pink.
Girl let me buy you a drink.
OK but she not a THOT.
By no means he just plot
To get some she’s in a mini skirt.
Bra and panties, girl what color
Are your panties he bet they butter.
She said you don’t know do you.
Girl when we met.
You then got wet.
He has a loco staff.
Now holding her photograph
Acknowledge that this exists.
Go to the college to learn all this.
So, the validity of a committee
Makes it witty in a city.
Of love boo, he’s working with words.
While she’s flirting with birds
Her panties are gonna fly off.
And leave her pie so soft.
In the car her bra gets tossed
Oh, CHINESE GIRLS go through a lot.
In VIRGINIA BEACH boys' reach
For the panties quick
Their candies are thick.
A boy came strong with hype.
She was alone that night
Her hair groomed
This boy wanna spare room
Have and affair kaboom
They sit in the car
In front of a legit bar
Oh he jest kissed her lips
Her love replied hot and quick.
Like that fried rice and chopsticks
She’s a hot chick.
And boys wanna hop quick.
Between her thighs
And into her cream pies
Oh, he just got her tongue.
Hand under her dress so sprung
He loves to rub the phat lips.
On her thing her stats can rip
Sheets when it drips and skeet.
SHE SAID: she thought whack.
But was caught in the act.
Of falling in in love
And then calling the club
End up balling with a thug.
He wanna romance a true queen.
With a dance routine
Oh no concerned about her posts.
In the kitchen she burned the roast
Now can’t serve the guests.
What words best
Describe this?
Oh, wow this is pathetic and hard.
Whipped out a credit card.
Bought some shrimp fried rice.
Let that be the main dish.
But this boy has a plain wish.
For sex and stuff remain with this
Oh, he wanna kiss and true cake.
But he missed the due date.
She goes to town with a cause.
And get a round of applause.
For flirting behind the scenes
And listening to rhymes extreme.
From boys all the time it seems.
It’s sweet to play dumb.
Just to keep away from
Boys in cars
They enjoy mars.
Mind be in outer space.
Want to smell baby powder lace.
On girls then use a deft flow
That flies like a UFO
This boy wants pie expedient.
With no dry ingredients
Oh, he put his hand under her skirt.
And that’s really a thunder alert.
He wanna be pie fed.
And like rye bread
She has flavor.
Kisses be major.
Blowing up a pager
Oh, his facts hard.
And like a backyard
They grow crops.
And her lips glow hot
And red oh he knows a lot.
About sex, his witty greetings
Are like committee meeting.
They discuss stuff he is needing.
To huff and puff in a chick’s ear.
And some girls are quick to hear.
That oh she started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, apply love.
And don’t lie in the club.
Oh, lips red with precision.
And like head-on-collisions
Girls crash into boys.
A fast menu they enjoy.
Oh, a plan true at bars.
And like brand new cars
Folks got nerves to observe.
Sign on car do not disturb.
Oh, messy flows.
be like dressy clothes.
Have to unbutton to strip.
All of sudden he jest grip.
Her hips and kiss her lips.
In the mind a boy rip
Her bed sheets going crazy and stuff.
Plus yelling oh baby boo loves you enough.
Said, she’s female with a body.
And like the sale of a commodity
It cost but not a legit lost.
When you add in the underwear
Wow it’s thunder down there.
He feasts in parades.
And like an increase in trade
He buys stuff.
And want pie crust.
He’s thrilled and involved.
And like a skill job
He do work.
While she do a true flirt
CHINESE GIRL got a fine flirt.
This is her line of work.
It makes boys mind perk.
Like a pot of coffee
His plot is to softly.
Kiss her lips so glossy.
And red plus bossy in bed
read to improve his mind.
Girl you smooth and fine
Like cat hair
Other stats don’t compare.
Wanna throw your panties in the air.
But afraid some grizzly bear
May get them and try some stuff.
He may want pie to puff.
On, SHE SAID: she eat a Hershey
And then defeat controversy.
Use class and great culture.
To smash a hate structure
Then we can lip lock
Well, she flirts around.
But her skirt is down.
And boys have to work around that.
Lips on her thing renown and phat



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