Black Poetry : She’s a CHINESE GIRL she try please the world She take sweet showers Be in the street for hours Boy come with unique flowers That complete and powers

What words best.
Describe this?
Oh, wow this is pathetic and hard.
Whipped out a credit card.
Bought some shrimp fried rice.
Let that be the main dish.
But this boy has a plain wish.
For sex and stuff remain with this
Oh, he wanna kiss and true cake.
But he missed the due date.
She goes to town with a cause.
And get a round of applause.
And like a backyard.
They grow crops.
And her lips glow hot
And red oh he knows a lot.
About sex, his witty greetings
Are like committee meeting.
They discuss stuff he is needing.
To huff and puff in a chick’s ear.
And some girls are quick to hear.
That oh she started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, apply love.
And don’t lie in the club.


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