Black Poetry : She’s a CHINESE GIRL she try please the world She take sweet showers Be in the street for hours Boy come with unique flowers That complete and powers

He has a loco staff.
Now holding her photograph
Acknowledge that this exists.
Go to the college to learn all this.
So, the validity of a committee
Makes it witty in a city.
Of love boo, he’s working with words.
While she’s flirting with birds
Her panties are gonna fly off.
And leave her pie so soft.
In the car her bra gets tossed
Oh, CHINESE GIRLS go through a lot.
Oh, CHINESE GIRLS go through a lot.
In VIRGINIA BEACH boys' reach
For the panties quick
Their candies are thick.
A boy came strong with hype.
She was alone that night.
Her hair groomed.
This boy wanna spare room
Have an affair kaboom.
They sit in the car.
In front of a legit bar
Oh, he just kissed her lips.
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Oh, he just kissed her lips.
Her love replied hot and quick.
Like that fried rice and chopsticks
She’s a hot chick.
And boys wanna hop quick.
Between her thighs
And into her cream pies
Oh, he just got her tongue.
Hand under her dress so sprung
He loves to rub the phat lips.
On her thing her stats can rip
Sheets when it drips and skeet.


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