Black Poetry : She’s a CHINESE chick quick To fall in love and be slick At the club and boys try trick Her into sex she say no They still wanna play doe Juice in her

The milk she was in his ride.
Got a very clear view.
And he’s very near to
Chinese chick so boo who.
You been giving it to huh you.
Don't know do you? He approached.
With an open mind wearing a broach
She has cake must dodge her best.
Boys wanna take charge of her breasts.
One boy wanna suck them right there.
All he can do tonight is stare.
And try get a wet date.
She’s in a mini-skirt, bra.
And panties sitting in the car.
Her panties shed small drops.
Her lips all red and hot
He was sweaty talked jive soft.
And was ready to drive off.
Oh, he jest kissed her lips.
In the car and her panties drip
Amazed with hope.
In a haze of smoke
Remain static in the air.
This came to an automatic affair.
This came to an automatic affair.
Looked down her skirt was up.
She saw her own underwear.
It’s known for thunder down there.
Oh, her lips red tonight.
Boys flip on their headlights.
On high beam
They want pie extreme.
Oh, her mini skirt a load.
A boy drove down this dirt road.
Pulled over to the shoulder.
He had read in her file folder.


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