Black Poetry : She’s a BLACK SOUL SISTA real Strut with a blister of a deal This extreme art Is like a theme park It attracts folks With facts and quotes So, there's


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May 11, 2006
Strut with a blister of a deal
This extreme art
Is like a theme park
It attracts folks
With facts and quotes
So, there's black hopes
But boys wanna lip lock
The juice in her panties drip drop
These rhymes be features
And like sea creatures
They swim around
Above the rim and on ground
Oh, she keeps her mini skirt down
But she flirts in town
And twerk that round
Booty as a cutie
That’s her duty
All kinds of task
A time in her past
She feasts and flirt
What a piece of work
Never cease with the twerk
On the job or vacation
Her obligation
Is to the call of duty
And it’s all booty
Thrown by a cutie
And boys try reach
Her with love talk
And in the club, she walk
And strut butt boys' stalk
And be nice and hard
And like a lifeguard
Save lives
As they crave or wives
She has pie crust today
And boy must obey
To get some so hey
A wimp came with an attempt
To get some with a pimp
Attitude she must elude him
Wearing a pair of rude Tims
Can’t get above the rim
With that, there’s stats in here
And like an atmosphere
In the air romantic
When an affair on this planet
Unlike the TITANIC
Can’t sink a juicy coochee
And those that rap loosely
Can’t get any
Even though it’s wet a plenty
She’s a rap rhymer
But like a trapped climber
She struggles on slippery slopes
This hard like hickory and dope
A fast striver
Is like a crash survivor
Need help and shake butt
Boys need to wake up
Got a loco craft
And like a photograph
It’s a snapshot
And this rap is hot
This affair is absurd
And like a rare bird
She’s ready to fly off
Even though her pie is soft
And a lie could cost
it’s pie from hood they toss
Her panties around with lace and all
Like in baseball
They strike out yall
She has a flair to make friends
In an affair her cake spins
And lead to naked men
Trying to hit the skins
He said on location
Wanna a strong donation
A musical can uplift
And like an unusual gift
It please the soul
He’ll get on his knees bold
And beg for some
Get between her legs and cum
Aw boo you a fine black chick
And she come with facts quick
Boys holler at cake phat
And girls tolerate that
So, where the fakes at?
He believes in lace
And wanna squeeze her waist
And get some wet tongue
And yet be sprung
Yelling yum yum
His head be bobbing
assume that her perfume
should be sniffed in the room
Lift her dress and kaboom
Gift how her breasts balloons
Hard to dodge cake
And like a large lake
Must move around
Let him lube a pound
Of her love
It can occur in the club
This is fiyah indeed
At a higher speed
Like a race car
And girl got taste at the bar
She’s a girlfriend with aim
The world spin in her game
But nevertheless
She’s clever and got breasts
She needs new shoes
And a few clues
And on the news
She begins
like CNN
Oh, love can arouse
And like a clubhouse
A meeting place
Where boys needing lace
Girls strut butt feeding their taste
It’s not a waste
Jest a hot pace
To the bedroom
Oh, boys be nice and hard
And like a lifeguard
This saves lives
Boys crave for wives



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