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    My Dear beloved Jah1:

    Elder you have presented some very penetrating and inquisitive question and I will attempt to answer them but the answers are not going to be so settling to black People, yet I know that you will understand that I must answer your question Divinely.

    Your First question, " What are the daily practices of a Divine Spiritual Being ? How does one identify which spirit one is hosting " ?

    Beloved, the daily practice of an aspiring Divine spiritual Being and we are in a need to reclaim our Divine Mind, we must come to the realization that we are not whom the Human Being has told us we are, we must become aware of the fact that we must dismiss all the Human Being has told us about God, Universe, and Self, and we must not attempt to dissect what sound True and what does not, that is a big mistake Black people make when dealing with what the Human Being Teach.

    Beloved we should just disqualify all of that which a proven Liar and deceiver has taught us about Life situations, because not until then will you be able to make contact with our Divine First Way Ancestors, they that lay Dormant within the Genetic helix of our Black Being.

    Beloved it is not difficult to identify that which is Divine and that which is Profane, that is, if our search is Divinely sincere.

    Evil is very conning and deceptive, as we can See, from the way black people behave today, so to be able to identify the Divine Attitude and Behavior ( Spirit ) that is hosting within us, is to be Truthful with ourselves by acknowledging that the Attitude and Behavior ( Spirit ) Black people are displaying today is not that of a Divine Nature and the way you determine that is the Truth is by the condition the Black World is in today, within the wider world, the World that is Dominated and controlled by Lucifer and his Angels ( Agents )

    Beloved, your Spirit, is no more than the evidence of your Attitude and Behavior, which serve as a sign of which kind of Mind is in control of your body Life, and if your Life is not vibrating and Gyrating on a Frequency that reveal Harmony, Order and Balance with your way of Living, then Know, that you are not Functioning with a Divine Spirit Hosting your Life activities, and do you desire to see the result that be, when the Divine Spirit is not Hosting the Body Life of a People, then I beseech you to behold the the attitude and Behavior of the Black World, a condition that is now fully under the submission to an Evil Spirit.

    You also ask, " Chief want are the ways and mean to reclaim our Divine Mind, and cleansing the "monstrous slave mind" ( human being mind " ) ?

    Beloved, what we Black Folks Need to do is to Change Environment, because it is the Environment that set the standard for your Mind, which is reveal through your Attitudinal Behavior.

    So as long as you are in an Evil Environment, created by the Human Being, then it will be and is, the Human Being Mind that Dominate your Life Decisions, they being of a Profane Nature.

    Beloved that is why I constantly advocate the Necessity for the Children Of The Middle Passage to go home, well you might say to me, Chief, Look at the Afrikan Environment, it now is the Environment of the Human Being as well, and I say, you are correct, but the way our Divine First Way Ancestors have Revealed to me the way we are to Return and Why, it serve as becoming the solution to Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan problem in Afrika.

    Yet the Black World does not have enough percentage of our Divine Mind to know and Understand why it is that I refer to Reparation as being our Ark of Savior and not until we begin to See with our Divine Mind, such Divine Wisdom will continue to escape us beloved Elder Jah1, my Brother in Divinity, I Love You Beloved and May the Ancestors Bring back Full Health to your body.

    I told you that there may be some Black Folks that will not appreciate what I have just shared with you and it is because we have been made to despise the Divine Truth, Beloved Brother Jah1

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder

    Charles Horton <[email protected]> wrote:
    Beloveth Chief Elder,

    We give thanks for such insightful words of truth from our Divine Ancestor's. Chief want are the ways and mean to reclaim our Divine Mind, and cleansing the "monsterous slave mind" ( human being mind ) ?

    For those that identify the 2 minds and being and our condition presently as a whole. What are the daily practices of a Divine Spiritual Being ? How does one identify which spirit one is hosting ?

    Again we thank you Chief Elder "O" for the humble willingness to share with us all that read the words and insight you share. Keep it flowing Chief we love it.