Black Parenting : Share your blessing of being a MOTHER or FATHER

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    Some days I find it difficult of not having custody of my daughter. I find it to be a great challenge, but yet a rewarding challenge to be an even better mother each day regardless of the unfortunate circumstances. At times, my daughter pleas to come stay with me, and it pains me to have to tell her that it won't be today, but later down the road and never having a positive exact time. But what I get from her longing is that she also loves me deeply and that she feels that no one can replace me...And these are my blessings.
    My mother has been a great inspiration to me. Her faith in God, her devotion to my father, her wisdom in her words, and her strength to put up with my BS for 28 years. I was blessed to have such an outstanding woman to guide me and to have as a role-model so that I can be the same to my daughter (and my future children [God help us all]). I also am blessed to know some other great mothers and to gain knowledge from them.
    But my biggest blessing comes from watching my daughter grow each moment of her life into something wonderful. I have never seen myself in someone so much that it's kind of scary at the same time. From her first moments in life and looking at this baby and not knowing what the heck [it] was, to someone who has a independent mind.
    She's growing up so fast :(....I'm trying to enjoy her still wanting to sit hugged up next to me, wanting to hold my hand in the store and smothering her with kisses. Because I know that day will come when I will probably embarrass her in front of her friends and boys become much more appealing then spending time with her mom.
    But regardless...I'm still blessed be her mother.


    Share your joys of parenting.....
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    Divine sheer beauty in the love of a child and the bond they share

    I have always been blessed with each child born made me stand 10 feet tall
    proud and stronger even as a grandfather i'm blessed to hear them callin
    hey pawpaw and sometime daddy how it warms my heart and i melt like butter
    I too was blessed to have a great mother who gave me all the teaching
    on how to treat a woman and how to love my surroundings while dad gave me
    the hard love to be a man and how to reach for my goal and what i want in life
    this where i try to instill in my children these family blessings to cherish

    as you can see in my signature how happy my baby boy this guy keeps me
    striving so he may have a better chance in the world i love them and to have them
    near close gives me relief

    Our bond is beautiful but i know a mothers touch is awesome where i had to work
    and earn mines but now everyone of them comes to me seem like for all things
    my middle boy once said to me daddy you different then Kenny's dad
    you know i had to ask how !
    you act like a mommy always doing stuff and i need a dollar
    the boy is my blessing all of them plus 2 grands